Accommodation types: Castle   Fort
Location: Manoharpur  India  South Asia
Alila Fort Bishangarh - Boutique Hotel In The Rajasthani Fort
Alila Fort  

Alila means “surprise” in Sanskrit, and you can expect many of those during your stay. Beginning with the fact that your 5-star boutique hotel is actually a 230-year old fortress! Rajasthan is famous for its spectacular hill forts, many crowded with tourists all year long. Luckily, you can get a piece of the region’s history all to yourself and stay in a restored Fort Bishangarh (an hour away from Jaipur).

The fort has a truly royal feel from the moment you enter. Think marble, painted arched windows, and exotic wood. All rooms have stunning views of the valley and are perfectly designed, so there are no bad choices here. If you want to channel your inner maharaja, go for the Regal Suite, which features an oversized round bathtub and a lounge area.

Relaxing by the pool is tempting, but the hotel has much more to offer! The concierge team will prepare bespoke tours of Bishangarh and the nearby sights for you. So whether you’re interested in local culture, spirituality, or hiking across the Aravalli hills, you’ll find that Rajasthan has everything you want and more.

At the fort itself, you can join cooking classes to master the Indian spices (if you can handle the heat!) or enjoy a full-day relaxation that starts with sunrise yoga and ends with a pamper session at the spa.

Alila Fort Bishangarh
Alila Fort Bishangarh Sunset
Alila Fort Bishangarh Entrance Arch
Alila Fort Bishangarh Kachchawa Lounge
Alila Fort Bishangarh Amarsar Restaurant
Alila Fort Bishangarh Hotel Library
Alila Fort Bishangarh Room
Alila Fort Bishangarh Window Panorama
Alila Fort Bishangarh Regal Suite with Jacuzzi
Alila Fort Bishangarh Spa
Alila Fort Bishangarh Rooftop Nazara Restaurant
Alila Fort Bishangarh Tower Balcony
Alila Fort Bishangarh Gardens and Pool
Alila Fort Bishangarh Pool
Breakfast at the Pool at Alila Fort Bishangarh Hotel
Alila Fort Bishangarh Hotel
Rajasthan Pottery Class
Off NH-8 at Manoharpur, Bishangarh, Rajasthan 303103, India
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