Hazelnut Inn - Medieval Fantasy in Canada's Fraser ValleyHazelnut Inn  

This enchanting castle-like boutique hotel in the westernmost province of Canada is ready to awaken your inner child with medieval fantasy-themed suites.

Unlike most couples who end up spending their honeymoon at a whitewashed beach with cocktails in hand, Peter Sawatzky and Hailey had a different idea.

They chose Rome as their destination for the romantic getaway and stayed in a renovated castle on the outskirts of the Italian capital. From that moment on, they couldn't get the idea of building their very own castle out of their heads.

The plan of opening a fairytale boutique hotel became their destiny. In search of inspiration, they visited Hobbiton in New Zealand, which is fantastic to look at, but unfortunately, you cannot stay there overnight.

Hazelnut Inn's Fairytale Castle

This further fueled the couple's dream and eventually led to the creation of Under Hill, a suite that most closely resembles Hobbiton.

Hazelnut Inn Tower and Fountain

Every detail of the Hazelnut Inn is a testament to the shared daydreams, meticulous planning, and deep love for the fairytale world that Peter Sawatzky and Hailey poured into its creation.

Hazelnut Inn Main Gate Entrance

The inn, a culmination of passion and dedication, opened its gates to the curious public in 2024 after six years of construction.

Hazelnut Inn North Star

Imagination Corporation, the company that specializes in custom construction, such as theme parks, has helped bring Hazelnut Inn to life.

Hazelnut Inn Ship & Waterfall

The North Star Suite was the first part of the castle to open. The next in line—and already under construction—are the Under Hill and Copper Crown Suites.

Hazelnut Inn Captain's View of the North Star Suite's Sitting Area
North Star Suite

While the magical suites at Hazelnut Inn offer a vast amount of space (around 600 square feet / 56 square meters), they are designed for an intimate experience with only one king-sized bed. This exclusivity guarantees a memorable stay, with the guest number limited to two.

Hazelnut Inn North Star Suite Sitting Room

Hazelnut Inn's first suite is built around the mystical adventures of Captain Temperance Longbottom who once lived on the North Star and had many adventures aboard her ship, the Avallana.

The North Star is a whimsical blend of a castle and a ship, boasting an appropriately eclectic fantasy interior. With a blue dome symbolizing the sky, the captain's quarters feel like being on an old ship.

Hazelnut Inn North Star Suite Dome Ceiling

If you enjoy playing board games, you will find a vintage collection in the room, including classics like Yahtzee, Scrabble, and Scattergories.

Hazelnut Inn North Star Suite Board Game Collection

Hazelnut Inn North Star Suite Kitchenette

Hazelnut Inn North Star Suite Bedroom

Hazelnut Inn North Star Suite Bed

The headboard of the beds is guarded by the mermaid twins, and the wall lamps are crafted from scallop shells.

Hazelnut Inn North Star Suite Mermaids and Scallop Seashell Lamps

A large soaker tub is tucked away in the corner of the suite, just steps from the spacious bathroom, which also features a rainfall shower.

Hazelnut Inn North Star Suite Soaker Tub

Hazelnut Inn North Star Suite Bathroom

Hazelnut Inn Sleeping Head Sculpture

Under Hill & Copper Crown Suites are set to open in 2025 if construction goes as planned.

Hazelnut Inn Under Hill Suite
Under Hill Suite

42402 Yarrow Central Rd, Chilliwack BC, Canada