Wizards Thatch - Harry Potter's Charming Fairytale CottageWizards  

You will fall under the spell of Wizards Thatch's 400-year-old building upon arrival.

The charming house in the quaint village of Alderley Edge in England is graciously aging behind the green curtain of thick foliage. You can only spot some of its windows and the thatched roof through the wall of green leaves.

You can stretch your hand out the window and grab an apple during the summer. That's how much the building and nature have intertwined.

Wizards Thatch Cottage Full Of Greenery

Owner and local wizard Ian Lambert welcomes each guest with a personalized experience based on the initial information he receives during the booking process.

Wizards Thatch Magical Garden

Have you noticed how the quality of service correlates with how much time the business owner is on the spot? How a restaurant where the boss takes care of the smallest details has the tastiest food?

Wizards Thatch Wizardry Dining Room

Well, it's similar in the hospitality field, and Lambert's effort and enthusiasm are clearly visible.

Wizards Thatch Wizardry Painting

The magical atmosphere can be felt in every corner of the house.

Wizards Thatch Wizardry Living Room

Wizards Thatch is not following the trend of decluttering. Instead, the house is full of memorabilia, old books, and other treasures.

Wizards Thatch Wizardry Bedroom

The three enchanting suites, Camelot, Merlin, and The Wizardry, each have their own visual identities.

Wizards Thatch Camelot Suite Door Warning Sign

The entrance to the rooms is through a little timber door with warnings not to bump your head.

Wizards Thatch Camelot Suite Timber Entrance Door

Wizards Thatch Camelot Suite Living Room

Wizards Thatch Camelot Suite Bedroom

Wizards Thatch Merlin Suite

Wizards Thatch Merlin Suite Vintage Chandelier

If you want to wander around and explore, Shire County is rich in architectural heritage. The National Trust (Europe's largest conservation charity) houses include the 16th-century royal estate, Lyme Park, where they filmed Pride and Prejudice, and the medieval Little Moreton Hall moated half-timbered manor house.

Macclesfield Rd, Alderley Edge SK9 7BG, United Kingdom