Alton Towers Hotel- Theme Park Resort In The United KingdomAlton Towers  

The largest amusement park in England is Alton Towers. The complex in Staffordshire, England, consists of a theme park, water park, spa, mini golf, and five hotels. One of the five accommodation options is the Alton Towers Hotel.

It was the first one to open in 1996, and it's themed around a fictional character, Sir Algenon Alton, and his travels. The hotel was opened to make the theme park a multi-day resort where visitors can stay for a prolonged time without ever getting bored.

From the moment you enter the hotel's building, a fairy tale begins with an enormous time-traveling ship parked in the middle of the hotel, waiting for the glass ceiling to open up and fly to a far-away wonderland.


The hotel is located in Alton, a charming market town in England, halfway between Sheffield and Birmingham. The city is also home to another quirky hotel, a converted railway station - Alton Station.

Alton Towers Hotel

Alton Towers Hotel Lobby

The time-machine construction is astonishing. It's as if Jules Verne's imaginary creation came to life!

Alton Towers Hotel Time Machine Ship

Children and adults alike will be mesmerized by the magical interior design.

Alton Towers Hotel Arabian Nights Theme

Alton Towers Hotel Funky Reception

Alton Towers Hotel Fun Interior

Alton Towers Hotel Little Explorers Lunch Box Restaurant

The UK's first rollercoaster restaurant seems to defy gravity and common sense. You are suddenly in the world of Jetsons, where humans no longer serve food.

Instead, your delicious dish comes straight from the kitchen through the fun-looking metal loops directly to your table. How cool is that?!

Alton Towers Hotel Rollercoaster Restaurant

The Coca-Cola Room's fridge is full of complimentary cokes, as expected.

Alton Towers Hotel Coca-Cola Room

The themed rooms develop whole stories through uniquely designed carpets, wallpapers, furniture, and decoration. It's like a book coming to life.

Alton Towers Hotel Themed Room

The Arctic Explorer Room, for example, has vintage night lights reminiscent of trawler oil lamps, a giant 3D globe sticking out of the wall, and a (nearly) life-size plush polar bear.

Alton Towers Hotel Arctic Explorer Room

Alton Towers Hotel Chocolate Room

Alton Towers Hotel Moon Voyage Room

The English Alton Towers is one of the largest European theme park resorts.

Alton Towers Hotel Splash Landings

Alton Towers Hotel Justins Pie-O-Matic Factory

When you stay at Alton Towers Hotel, you have early access to the theme park. So you can beat the crowd by one hour and try all the fun stuff without any queues.

Alton Towers Hotel Rollercoaster

Alton Towers Hotel Ride In The Dark Roller Coaster

And if you are an avid Lego fan, England's Legoland Windsor Resort has plenty of bricks to play with.

Alton Towers Hotel Ride In The Dark Roller Coaster Dark And Scary

Farley Ln, Alton, Stoke-on-Trent ST10 4DB, United Kingdom