The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel - Turkey's DisneylandThe Land of Legends  
Kingdom Hotel

Belek is a scenic Mediterranean holiday town with long stretches of sandy beaches, countless beachfront hotels, and a beautiful view of the Taurus Mountains in Southern Turkey.

The Kingdom Hotel is part of The Land Of Legends (not to be mixed with the popular League of Legends computer game!) entertainment complex. Its name is almost like the title of a movie set in the Middle Ages.

The wonderland's central chateau is reminiscent of the Neuschwanstein Castle historicist palace's fairy-tale-like design.

There is something for everyone here, whether you are into colorful themed rooms, award-winning spas, or riding on roller coasters and water slides.

Type: Theme Park
Location: Antalya  Turkey  Middle East
The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel Drone Photo

The Land of Legends is an adventure-packed area in Belek, Turkey, with both an amusement park and a water park where you can experience wild water slides, amazing roller coasters, exciting activities, and several refreshing pools.

The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel Building

The Land of Legends has three entertainment zones. The Theme Park, Adventure Land, and the two water parks are Aqua Land and a second currently under construction.

The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel Main Entrance

The Kingdom Hotel follows a family-friendly concept. You can let the children live out their imagination in the creatively designed rooms when you are not out in one of the adventure parks.

There is also something special for the adults. The hotel's spa has received an award for its holistic treatments and has hammams, saunas, and Turkish baths.

The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel Dome Shopping Street

Under the Dome, you'll find shopping streets with popular brands.

The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel Eternia Restaurant

Eternia Restaurant

The hotel's main dining area is an open-space buffet designed after popular street food markets where you explore new tastes every step of the way.

The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel Nemo Restaurant

Nemo Restaurant & Lounge

A floating staircase leads you down to the underwater world of Nemo. It's a bar, lounge, and restaurant encompassed by an underwater aquarium.

The unique underwater gastro space serves hand-crafted cocktails and Eurasian meals focused on seafood.

The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel Asil Restaurant

Asil Restaurant

The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel Asil Restaurant's Terrace

The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

The Kingdom Hotel has 401 themed rooms specifically designed for kids, including 380 Deluxe rooms and 20 suites, and the cheery on the cake is the Kingdom Suite.

The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel Themed Room

Each room and suite in the hotel is decorated and equipped to make kids happy. There is a PlayStation 4 in every room so you can relax with some games after a day at the Theme Park or Aqua Land.

The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel Family Suite

Family Suite

This suite has two bedrooms and a private balcony, spreading over 893 square feet (83 square meters) of space.

The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel Grand Suite

Grand Suite

The Grand Suite's perk is the LCD projector, so if you enjoy having movie nights in your room, this is the one to book.

The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel Junior Suite

Junior Suite

The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel Junior Suite Themed Room

The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel Terrace Suite

Terrace Suite

The Land of Legends Shopping Avenue

Shopping Avenue

The Land of Legends Musical Boat Parade

A musical boat parade plays every night (except for Wednesday), an extravagant and grand spectacle preceded by the Chimera Fountain Show.

The Land of Legends Magicone

The aerial view of Aqua Land shows how enormous the area it spreads. It has twelve different slides to try and six different types of pools dedicated to active and passive relaxation.

The large orange slide on the left side of the picture is the Magicone, and it's one of the highlights of the water park.

The Land of Legends Wave Shock

The Wave Shock pool generates artificial waves in turquoise water surrounded by sun decks on a sandy beach.

The Land of Legends Mythical Journey

'Mythical Journey' is Aqua Land's most exciting adventure. You can experience walking and breathing underwater without heavy diving equipment.

The underwater adventure lasts 15 minutes, and during this time, you will be walking around an aquarium filled with tropical fish and the neighboring one with sharks.

Even though there is a security layer glass diving you and the scary predators, it will feel like being in the same space with them.

The Land of Legends Water Tunnel Deep Dive

Deep Dive is a set of steep water slides that will make your heart beat faster than ever.

The Land of Legends Theme Park Hyper Coaster

Adventure Land's craziest ride, the Hyper Coaster, reaches speeds up to 71 mph (115 km/h), and its highest point is at 203 feet (62 meters).

The Land of Legends Theme Park Typhoon Coaster

Typhoon Coaster rides up to a height of 141 feet (43 meters) and reaches the water at a speed of 53 mph (86 km/h).

Kadriye Mahallesi, Atatürk Caddesi No:515/1, Serik, Antalya, 07506 Belek, Turkey