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Windsor Resort

If only you could lay on a LEGO bed and be served by a LEGO staff member, looking something like the LEGO Batman Movie. Of course, LEGO bricks as bedding would not be exceptionally comfortable, so the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel opts instead for luxury bedding but with a strong LEGO theme throughout the hotel and in individual rooms.

Children will love the location and will enjoy LEGO trademarked blankets and linens, and plenty of LEGO Man artwork and posters. Even better, families can choose between three different themes in LEGO mythology: Pirate, Adventure, and Kingdom. Rooms themselves are very comfortable and feature walk-in showers, baths, TVs, and even a LEGO TV Channel, because why not go for the immersive experience? Believe it or not, there are actually large-scale LEGO models in the rooms, of animals and pirate ships. Premium rooms have more theme-friendly attractions.

The LEGOLAND Resort Hotel even presents a Bricks Family Restaurant and a Skyline Bar for the whole family. If your child loves LEGOs, this surreal adventure will be a dream come true!

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort aerial view
LEGOLAND Windsor Resort front entrance
Parrot at the reception
Lego figures collection
Lego pit in the lobby
LEGOLAND Windsor Resort restaurant
LEGOLAND Windsor Resort room
Pirate theme room
LEGOLAND Windsor Resort entertainment
Pirate themed splash pool
Water guns at the pool
Legoland theme park
Legoland theme park entrance
Winkfield Road, Windsor SL4 4AY, United Kingdom