Cartoon Network Hotel - Favorite Animations Coming To LifeCartoon Network  

Cartoon Network TV channel was launched in 1992 to entertain kids the whole day long with classics like Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, and Cow and Chicken.

Their first and only amusement hotel opened in 2020 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

It's located right outside of Lancaster, and from the moment you arrive, you will spot the colorful facade of the hotel and the iconic black and white logo of CN.

Entering the lobby, you will immerse yourself in the familiar cartoon world created by this famous TV channel.

Type: Cartoon   Kids
Location: Lancaster  USA  North America

For additional fun, you can visit the Dutch Wonderland, which is a giant, 48-acre amusement park right around the corner.

Cartoon Network Hotel Building

Toon Room

The Toon Room has dance parties, and live candy creation shows.

Cartoon Network Hotel Lobby

Bearista Café

Bearista Cafe

Cartoon Kitchen

Watch your favorite characters from Cartoon Network prepare your meal and cause some mischief in the kitchen while you eat.

The on-site restaurant, Cartoon Kitchen, continues the theme, and you can even order foods like Lady Rainicorn’s Sweet. How lovely!

Cartoon Kitchen

Dream Cube Dining

Dining cubes in the themed world of Adventure Time, Ben 10, and the Power Puff Girls

Dream Cube Dining

There are six different show-themed rooms as well as a selection of cartoon-themed suites: Adventure Time, Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, and Steven Universe.

Cartoon Network Hotel Corridor
Cartoon Network Hotel Door
Cartoon Network Hotel Room
Cartoon Network Hotel Bunk Beds

Dream Suite

Cartoon Network Hotel Dream Suite
Cartoon Network Hotel Cartoon Room
Powerpuff Girls Suite
Cartoon Network Hotel Bedroom
Cartoon Network Hotel Themed Beds

Omnicade - Arcade Room

As expected from a hotel targeted at kids, there is plenty of action going on here. There is an arcade room called the Omnicade with virtual reality pods for a start.

Omnicade Arcade Room
Cartoon Network Hotel Virtual Reality Pod

Last but not least, the Land of P'oool – which, as you might have already guessed – is an outdoor mini waterpark. Adults won't be left behind, either.

There is an indoor pool and a hot tub that will turn out to be very useful after a long day with the kids.

Cartoon Network Hotel Indoor Pool

Cartoon Network Store

If you are interested in the Amish way of living, The Amish Farm and House are offering guided tours at a nearby location just a few minutes' rides away. Oh, and don't forget to grab the coolest souvenirs from the Cartoon Network Store before you leave!

2285 Lincoln Hwy E, Lancaster, PA 17602, United States