Märchenhotel - Kids Paradise in the Swiss AlpsMärchenhotel  

Located in Switzerland, this themed hotel is a dream come true for kids, with individually sculpted rooms and an endless list of fun activities.

The hotel revolves around the fascinating stories of Swiss folklore. Mythical characters appear inside and outside Märchenhotel's premises, like dwarfs, fairies, gnomes, or imps. And if the mere sight of classic fairytale figures is not enough, live animals are roaming around.

There are also kid-size cranes, tractors, and tricycles to make the day more exciting. It's all in the name of bringing kids' wildest fantasies to life!


A dedicated funicular railway starts from Linthal, which you can take to the car-free Braunwald. It takes only seven minutes, and you are in the peaceful land of Bartli, the dwarf, where life slows down, and your adventure starts between the mighty rocks of the Glarus Mountains.

Braunwaldbahn - The Braunwald funicular

The resort town is situated in the Glarus Alps, overlooking the Linthal Valley from a 1,995-foot (605-meter) height.


It's snow-covered around the hotel's building for the good part of winter, but this doesn't stop the wave of outdoor activities you can have in this beautiful region.

How about a ride on a Toboggan? This traditional sled used to transport goods and people, but today, it's for the pure fun of sliding down the mountain hills.

Märchenhotel Covered in Snow During Winter

A traditional-looking reception awaits you until you notice the slide poking through the next floor's ceiling.

Märchenhotel Reception with a Slide

The hotel's dining room all looks regular, with a delicious five-course dinner and an elegant setting overlooking the mountains... until you spot the artificial cow at the breakfast buffet's corner.

Märchenhotel Restaurant

The weirdly bizarre cow however is "fully functional" with its udder providing fresh milk for your muesli.

Artificial cow with milk machine built in its udder

Then there is "Switzerland's second coolest dining place for kids" (wonder why it isn't the first!), with a large kids train delivering the tasty snacks on its wagons.

Märchenhotel Food Delivery by a Locomotive

The dining room can turn into a spectacle putting some of the circuses to shame with video projections and levitating benches.

Märchenhotel Dining Room Spectacle

Are you looking to spend some quality time with your partner without the kids? Enjoy the whirlpool and the sauna on the rooftop terrace overlooking the magical Swiss Alpine views without the little ones nagging you? The hotel provides an up-to 12 hours per day of child care.

Märchenhotel Slide

Whimsical and charming, each room (Standard / Exclusive / Paradise) at Märchenhotel provides a magical stay.

Märchenhotel Room

Plus, some have a glass wall framing the beautiful Alpine panorama like a painting.

Märchenhotel Suite

Paradise Suite "1001 Nights"

Märchenhotel Paradise Suite “1001 Nights”

The top suite, named after the collection of Middle Eastern folktales, has a spacious rooftop terrace equipped with a sauna and a whirlpool.

Märchenhotel Paradise Suite “1001 Nights” Private Rooftop Terrace
Märchenhotel Paradise Suite “1001 Nights” Private Rooftop Terrace Sauna
Märchenhotel Indoor Pool
Märchenhotel Water Slide
Märchenhotel Outdoor Pool With Incredible Alpine Panorama
Märchenhotel Pool Alps View
Märchenhotel Outdoor Whirlpool
Märchenhotel Alpine Panorama

Kids Paradise

There is a giant fairy-tale inside the Märchenhotel, where the dwarfs reside, and kids can have fun if the weather turns sour.

Märchenhotel Kids Zone

It's never too late to teach kids how to gamble! Just kidding, this casino for children will not exchange your chips for money. Maybe for chocolates!

Märchenhotel Kids Gambling

The toy car Grand Prix is a remote-controlled indoor race where dads pretending to help their kids can compete in a series of challenges.

Märchenhotel Indoor Toy Car Racing Circuit

During summer, there is a small animal zoo with alpacas, rabbits, goats, llamas, and chickens, but they have a safe place when winter brings the cold air.

Märchenhotel Fairytale Castle
Märchenhotel Tricycles
Märchenhotel Kid Cranes and Tractors
Märchenhotel Outdoor Playground
Märchenhotel Horse Ride
Märchenhotel Lllamas
Dorfstrasse 24, 8784 Braunwald, Switzerland