The Bloomhouse - Organic Architecture In AustinThe Bloomhouse  

Dalton Bloom embarked on a journey to build a unique structure in the sweeping hills of Austin.

He convinced his architect friend Charles Harker, who, in the early 1970s, studied at the University of Texas and looked for a graduation project.

After agreeing on the details, work has commenced on the organic structure of the Bloomhouse. The construction started in 1973, and it took Harker and his team eleven years to finish building the curvy house.

The hand-built 1,101 square feet (102 square meters) sculptural formation is made of steel rebar, polyurethane foam, and cement stucco.

Type: Fairytale
Location: Austin  USA  North America
The Bloomhouse

During the 2000s, the structure started showing its age and slowly fell into disrepair.

The Bloomhouse

So when the Bloomhouse and its 2.7 acres of woodland in the Westlake Highlands came on the market in 2017, Dave and Susan Claunch jumped on the occasion and bought it too.

The Bloomhouse

After a thorough 2-year restoration process, the quirky Bloomhouse is now good as new. The Austin-based entrepreneur couple runs tours, but if you want it all to yourself, you can rent it.

The Bloomhouse

The unique structure has long preceded its time. The slogan, "Keep Austin Weird", only popped into the marketing machines in 2000, while there aren't many things more unusual than the Bloomhouse.

The Bloomhouse

Without a single straight line or corner, the walls of Bloomhouse flawlessly flow and create magical spaces wherever you look.

The Bloomhouse

The interior is decorated with beautifully handcrafted cherry wood accents.

The Bloomhouse Kitchen

The house has everything needed for life, including a fully stocked kitchen with brilliantly shaped shelves.

The Bloomhouse Living Room Fireplace

The experience of living in this house is like stepping inside a giant seashell that gently wraps around you.

The Bloomhouse Living Room

The Bloomhouse Reading Nook

There is a lot to discover. The Bloomhouse is photogenic but also hides cozy reading nooks for all you bookworms.

The Bloomhouse Bedroom

The Bloomhouse Bathroom

The Bloomhouse Shower

The Bloomhouse Terrace Door

The Bloomhouse

The building looks like it was shaped by the forest's winds and air flows.

The Bloomhouse Terrace

The house's terrace overlooks the misty wooded valley of Austin, about a 20-minute drive from downtown.

0 Encinas Rojas St, Austin, TX 78746, USA