The Mitsui Kyoto - Onsen in the CityThe Mitsui Kyoto  

Facing the 17th-century Nijo Castle in Central Kyoto across the Horikawa-dori street, The Mitsui hotel combines modern-day luxury with ryokan aesthetics, staff dressed in kimono uniforms, and traditional hot spring onsen baths.

Kyoto's brand-new hotel takes inspiration from traditional Japanese inns but replaces thin wooden walls with a rock-solid structure, providing privacy and muted rooms in a visually similar environment to ryokans.

Founded by Mitsui Takatoshi, Mitsui became one of Japan's most powerful families of merchants and industrialists. Their business operated mainly from Kyoto, and it's also where the Mitsui residence was erected.

Type: Luxury   Spa
Location: Kyoto  Japan  East Asia

The hotel is built on the grounds of the centuries-old former quarters of the Mitsui family, and some historic parts are integrated into the new building, like the 18th-century Kajiimiya Gate.

The Mitsui Kyoto - The Kajiimiya Gate

The architectural heritage and Japanese gardens (with sky-high bamboo and Bonsai trees) set a tone of old-world luxury, and the theatrical lobby, with its curtain-like ceiling reminiscent of kimono textiles and wide open front, impresses at first sight.

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Lounge

The master designers who are responsible for seamlessly incorporating Kyoto's heritage into a modern palace are Japanese architect Akira Kuryu and the world-famed Andre Fu Studio based in Hong Kong, which also designed the Maybourne Riviera in France.

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Lounge and Garden

The hotel's library has a collection of about 300 books related to Japanese culture, mainly in English.

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Library

The hotel's two restaurants are garden-facing, and there is an intimate, contemporary tea room served by the 15th-generation tea master, So-oku Sen. At Chakyo, you can experience traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, where the preparation and presentation of matcha are taken seriously.

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Chakyo


The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Forni Restaurant

Forni is the hotel's casual all-day dining place, with Japanese and Western breakfasts and wood-oven-fired pizzas.

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel - Italian Cuisine FORNI - Terrace

Yui | Toki

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel - YUI Restaurant - Japanese Cuisine

One space, two restaurants - Yui serves traditional Japanese dishes during lunchtime, and then for the evening, it transforms into Toki, which specializes in innovative French cuisine with a Japanese twist.

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel - TOKI Restaurant - Innovative Kyoto French

Shiki-no-ma is the recreation of Mitsui residence's original ceremonial room, a shoeless meeting space with sliding door panels designed by artist Takafumi Asakura.

During morning hours, Shiki-no-ma is home to yoga and pranayama (ancient breath technique) sessions in its tatami-floored space overlooking the gardens.

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Shiki-No-Ma

The Garden Bar

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel - THE GARDEN BAR - Bar and Lounge

Deluxe Room

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Deluxe Room with Kingsize-Bed

Deluxe Garden Room

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel King Deluxe Garden Room

Onsen Suite

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Onsen Suite Living Room

The traditional teahouses inspired Mitsui Kyoto Hotel's 161 rooms and suites.

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Onsen Suite Living Room & Terrace

The bespoke design uses light birch wood, natural carpets, handcrafted walnut furniture, and silk headboard panels by kimono designer Jotaro Saito.

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Onsen Suite, One King Bed

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Onsen Suite Outdoor Bath

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Suite Bathroom

Nijo Suite

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Nijo Suite, Kingsize Bed & Nijo Castle View

The Onsen Suites have an intimate, stone-walled garden with a private onsen bath.

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Private Onsen

Thermal Spring Spa's dark and mysterious area is located in the basement, and natural stone walls and a mirrored ceiling surround its led-contoured hot pools.

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Thermal Spring Spa Corridor

What makes The Mitsui Kyoto so unique is that it's the only hotel in the city's center to have access to hot spring water.

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Thermal Spring Spa Dark Pools

So, you can enjoy the modern and historic urban spaces of Kyoto during the day and plunge into the onsen pools in the evening.

The Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Garden

Aburano-Koji St. Nijo-Sagaru, Nakagyo-Ku, 284 Nijoaburanokojicho, Kyoto, 604-0051, Japan