Vaani Greens Kaziranga Wildlife Resort - Northeastern India's Luxurious Wildlife & Tea ResortVaani Greens  

Vaani Greens is a luxurious wildlife and tea plantation resort along the majestic Brahmaputra River in northeastern India.

It is nestled in the heart of an Assam tea garden, surrounded by the forests of Kaziranga National Park and the diverse wildlife that inhabits its dense thickets and tall grasslands.

Located approximately 200 km (124 miles) from the state capital of Dispur, Vaani Greens offers a tranquil escape from the urban bustle. It has become a popular destination among nature-lover travelers within months of its launch.

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Vaani Greens offers a rare getaway that brings together the greens, the wild and unmatched luxury. Its suites, rooms, geodesic domes, foxtail tents and vintage bungalows brim with lush comfort, just like the fresh Assam tea aroma in your morning cuppa that may have been brewed from leaves picked from outside your window just weeks before.

Vaani Greens Kaziranga Wildlife Resort  at the Kanchanjuri Tea Estate

For those who appreciate quiet contemplation and refined taste, Vaani Greens offers exclusivity with its spaces and offerings tailored for the most discerning holiday connoisseurs.

Kanchanjuri Tea Estate Plantation

Whether it's wildlife safaris, historical tours, treks, exclusive cruises on the Brahmaputra River to see the rare Ganges river dolphin, or bicycle rides through an Assam tea estate, Vaani Greens is designed to provide visitors with the holiday of a lifetime.

Vaani Greens Resort Bar

The resort's chefs enhance the experience with their culinary creations. Vaani Greens encapsulates intricately crafted stories, from the wild and untamed to the peaceful and serene to the truly majestic.

Vaani Greens Resort Bar Drinks

Vaani Greens Resort Great Room
Great Room

Vaani Greens Resort Foyer Area connecting Suite 3
Foyer area connecting Suite 3

Vaani Greens Resort Dining Room
Dining room

Vaani Greens Resort Pool Table

Vaani Greens Resort Suite

Vaani Greens Resort Suite Four Post Bed

Vaani Greens Resort Foxtail Tent
Foxtail tent

Vaani Greens Resort Foxtail Tent Bathroom

Vaani Greens Resort Geodesic Dome
Geodesic dome

Vaani Greens Resort Geodesic Dome Interior

Vaani Greens Resort Outdoor Swimming Pool

Kaziranga National Park is a World Heritage Site that has not only saved the Indian rhinoceros from the brink of extinction and helped its population thrive but also provides a habitat for a variety of giant herbivores, including the wild buffalo, the Eastern swamp deer, and the Asian elephant.

Vaani Greens Resort Elephant Ride

Additionally, the park is home to the highest density of Royal Bengal tigers and hosts large flocks of migratory birds.

Kaziranga National Park Indian Rhinoceros
Rhino at the Kaziranga National Park

Ganges River Dolphin
Ganges River Dolphin

H58F+WHP Kanchanjuri Tea Estate, Jakhalabandha, Assam 782136, India