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Arctic Resort

The tiny Norwegian village of Nusfjord has been turned into a living museum of coastal culture with an incredible seaside resort where tradition and Scandinavian high-class comfort go hand in hand.

Nusfjord is located on the southeast side of Flakstadøy, a small Norwegian island in the Lofoten Islands. It is sandwiched between spectacular (climbing) walls and towering mountains such as Stjerntinden and Storurddalstinden.

The significant rise of travelers in recent years, driven by the UNESCO World Heritage Site recognition, has turned the once quaint fishing village, which flourished during the Nordland boat era around 1900, into a popular tourist destination. With only a couple of dozen permanent residents, the unique beauty of Nusfjord, one of the oldest and best-preserved fishing villages in Lofoten, is celebrated by people from around the world.

Type: Heritage   Nature
Location: Nusfjord  Norway  West Europe
Nusfjord's Historic Fishing Village From Above
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A lot of effort was put into preserving Nusfordj's authentic atmosphere. Most houses date back to the 19th century and have been renovated.

Twenty-eight tiller fishing boats have been preserved, as have operational buildings such as a fish farm, steamboats, boathouses, and shops. It's a piece of Norwegian history above the Arctic Circle everywhere you look.

Nusfjord Aerial

Nusfjord remains an active fishing village, preserving regional traditions while thriving in tourism. However, nowadays, fishermen are more likely to catch seafood and deliver it to local restaurants rather than transporting it to the capital.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort

In Nusfjord, you can visit galleries, artisan shops, museums, and restaurants. Additionally, you can take a trip on the Lofoten Sea on one of the local fishing boats.

If you prefer to wander on land, Nusfjord's main architectural attraction is Flakstad Kirke, a beautiful timber church painted in red with a characteristic onion dome built around 1780.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort Fishing Village

The Krefting family-owned resort went through years of refurbishing historic buildings to turn it into an internationally celebrated luxury hotel that got an hour-long feature on BBC.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort - Take a Picture with a Fish Head
Today, dried fish are primarily used for decoration, and you can take a picture of yourself kissing a fish head (if you dare).

The popular BBC travel program "Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby" had close to 10 million viewers and was broadcast in 150 countries.

The Nusfjord Arctic Hotel was one of the 33 properties BBC featured in their 5-season TV series about the most amazing hotels in the world. It took them six weeks to record all the quirks of Nusfjord Arctic Hotel because there was so much to show.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort Restaurant Karoline
Restaurant Karoline

Little tastes better than local specialties served in idyllic surroundings by the sea.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort Restaurant Karoline Dining Corner with Sea View

At Nusfjord Arctic Resort, Restaurant Karoline is the perfect place to enjoy the delicacies of the sea.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort Landhandleriet Cafe
Landhandleriet Cafe

Inside the old general store, there is a historic buzz on the counter and the shelves. It's also where you can get a hot morning coffee and some baked goodies.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort Loftet Lounge
Loftet Lounge

You can enjoy a completely authentic and immersive experience of Lofoten: wake up in a real rorbu (a traditional Norwegian type of seasonal house used by fishermen), stroll on the historic harbor, and get an insight into the everyday life of a fisherman 100 years ago.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort Harbor Cabins

The resort can accommodate up to 129 people, with options to expand to nearby hotels for a further 94 people (only five minutes' walk from the resort).

Harbor rorbu

Nusfjord Arctic Resort Harbor Rorbu

The rooms are divided into two areas: the harbor and the village. You can stay in one of the yellow or red-painted rorbuses.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort Rorbu Interior

Plus, if your budget allows, you can rent one of the two secluded accommodations: The House of Dahl and The Isolated Fisherman.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort Cabin Living Room

Each timber cabin—whether it stands on wooden stilts or the rigid ground in the village—has a unique bay/village view.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort Cabin with Sea View Terrace

The cabins have undergone a renovation, striking a perfect balance between preserving the old heritage and offering modern comforts.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort Bathroom Tub With Sea View

Nusfjord Arctic Resort Historic Rorbu Interior

Nusfjord Arctic Resort Rorbu Bedroom

Nusfjord Nordic Spa

Nusfjord Nordic Spa Relaxation with Sea View

Nusfjord Nordic Spa Sauna

If the sauna at the Nordic Spa looks unlike anything you've seen before, it's because it was designed by talented, newly graduated individuals from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Nusfjord Nordic Spa Wood-Fired Hot Tub
The wood-fired hot tub at the Nordic Spa

Sea View Hot Tub at the Nusfjord Nordic Spa

The star of the village resort is the Nordic Spa's wood-fired hot tub, which offers an incredible view of the fjord and towering mountains.

Seaside Sun Loungers at the Nusfjord Nordic Spa

Nusfjord Kayaking

Norwegian Fjord Kayaking

Nusfjord Mountains

Nusfjord is a fantastic starting point for exploring one of the world's most beautiful places, Lofoten.