Green Village Bali - Giant Bamboo HousesGreen Village Bali  

Set along the Ayung River in Bali, Green Village is a community of fifteen unique bamboo houses designed and hand-constructed by the Ibuku team.

Elora Hardy, the founder of Ibuku, spent decades working with bamboo, a beautiful, strong, versatile, and flexible material. Over the years, she and her team constructed more than 100 structures in Bali.

Built from bamboo, these natural homes are an incredible option for travelers looking for an adventure in nature. The Sharma Springs House is particularly beautiful.

Green Village Bali Hotel
Photography by Rio Helmi

Green Village Bali - Sharma Springs Bamboo House

Sharma Springs House

Sharma Springs Bamboo House At Night

Once highlighted on the front page of New York magazine, this home is six stories tall and is described by its owners as "a showcase of how black and white bamboo can be combined to create a stunning collection of luxurious floors, walls, ceiling, stairs, and railings."

Sharma Springs Bamboo House Tunnel

With four double bedrooms, a kitchen, lounge, media room, dining area, and more, Sharma Springs offers incredible views and a one-of-a-kind experience. This particular house even includes a butler during your stay.

Sharma Springs Bamboo House Unique Architecture

Aside from the insane housing options, Green Village Bali offers many tours and workshops for you to enjoy.

Sharma Springs Bamboo House Top Floor Overview

Half-day tours begin at Green School, a guided walk around the school environment where students are immersed in hands-on, nature-based learning activities, followed by a Bamboo Factory tour to observe how bamboo is processed and crafted.

Sharma Springs Bamboo House Living Room

In a four-hour workshop, travelers can also discover how the Balinese have utilized coconut trees for centuries.

Sharma Springs Bamboo House Kitchen

Are you interested in building a bamboo house of your own? Participate in a three-day workshop to discover the basics of how Ibuku's design-build team turns a scaled bamboo model into a real building.

Sharma Springs Bamboo House Dining Area

Green Village even has its own warung (cafe) that serves delicious Balinese and international fare made fresh from the produce from the on-site gardens.

Sharma Springs Bamboo House Leaf-Shaped Revolving Door

Sharma Springs Bamboo House has these unique teardrop-shaped revolving doors. If you are after a fairytale accommodation in Bali, this is it!

Sharma Springs Bamboo House Rounded Bed

And it's not just the doors. The bed is rounded, and it's suspended from the ceiling.

Sharma Springs Bamboo House Bathroom

The bathrooms are gorgeous. With hand-carved bathtubs and showers partially open to nature, you will have some bathings to remember.

Sharma Springs Bamboo House Shower

Sharma Springs Bamboo House Balcony With A Hammock

Naturally, the balconies are complete with oversized hammocks that are too comfy to leave.

River House

River House

River House Black Bamboo Structural Poles

River House Living Space With A Working Corner

Balinese Bamboo Cocoon Chair

Palm House

Palm House

Palm House Bamboo Staircase

Palm House Bedroom

Palm House Jungle Pool

Sunrise House

Sunrise House

Sunrise House Sunlit Bamboo Interior

Sunrise House Bedroom

Sunrise House Bathroom

Copper Bathtub Filled With Flowers

Jl. Tanah Ayu, Sibang Gede, Kec. Abiansemal, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80352, Indonesia