Loire Valley Lodges - Art-Infused Boutique Treehouse ResortLoire Valley  

Nestled amidst 741 acres (300 hectares) of forest on the picturesque landscape of the Loire Valley, this French nature resort is home to eighteen boutique treehouses.

Loire Valley is famous for its fairy-tale castles, royal châteaux, and iconic gastro culture, with more Michelin-starred restaurants and quality wineries than the number of free holiday days you have to explore them.

With countless charming inns and hotels in the region, the Loire Valley Lodges had to be unique in multiple ways to stand out.

So Anne-Caroline Frey, a former art dealer from Paris, set an ambitious goal to create a hospitality project where art meets boutique-hotel-level accommodation in a foresty countryside environment.

Secluded dirty roads lead to the Loire Valley's unique hideaway, and when you arrive, a 13-foot (4 meters) bronze dog will greet you at its main entrance. And that's when you start sensing that things are different around here.


She envisioned the vast private land to be dotted with contemporary art in the shape of striking modern sculptures.

Loire Valley Lodges Main Building

What's more, talented artists were invited to decorate each of the eighteen treehouses in their own unique style.

Loire Valley Lodges Garden With Contemporary Art

The hotel has two restaurants. Chef Thomas Besnault runs Ardent and focuses on locally and seasonably available ingredients to spoil you with some very French dishes. And, of course, there is a long list of curated wines and handcrafted cocktails with some creative twists.

What's more, if you prefer to have your lunch in your treehouse or the open nature, there are Japanese-inspired "Bento" boxes that you can get for takeaway. In addition, the lodge provides a map with pointers where you will find a table to sit on its vast territory.

Asperatus is the newly opened restaurant dedicated to chefs in residence. Some of the best chefs in the world are invited to stay for a couple of weeks, and during this time, they showcase their skills and unique cooking style.

Loire Valley Lodges Restaurant

There is a centrally located 65-foot (20 meters) swimming pool to do your morning laps or showcase your newest bikini while sunbathing in style.

Loire Valley Lodges Pool
Loire Valley Lodges Poolside Sun Deck

The treehouses standing on stilts are at a height where you can become part of the forest and have incredible views through the floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides.

Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse

Frey's inspiration for the treehouses came from her trips to Scandinavia, where she learned about the harmony between manufactured structures and nature.

Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse At Night

And to disconnect from the busy outside world, the resort shuts you off from all modern technologies. Well, kind of.

Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Interior

So, there isn't any TV, WiFi, or telephone, but you will get a walkie-talkie to call the staff in case you run out of wine.

Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Bedroom
Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Bathroom Mirror

Each suite has a large terrace equipped with a private spa; some come with a jacuzzi and sauna. The tranquil setting is complete with the surrounding beautiful oak, Douglas fir, and chestnut trees.

Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Jacuzzi

As the treehouses are comfortably spaced apart for privacy, the resort will give you a bike to travel between the restaurant, pool, and your suite.

Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Yellow Designer Room
Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Corner Desk
Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Yellow Bathroom
Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Nature-View Bedroom
Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Floor-To-Ceiling Windows
Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Private Terrace
Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Room With Egg-Shaped Chair
Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Cozy Interior
Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Bathroom
Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Terrace With Hot Tub
Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Hot Tub Reflection
Loire Valley Lodges Treehouse Hot Tub
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