Les Cabanes De Rensiwez - The Most Romantic Forest Houses In The WorldLes Cabanes  
De Rensiwez

Set in a gorgeous, sheltered valley of the Ardennes in Wallonia (the French-speaking region of southern Belgium), Les Cabanes de Rensiwez has possibly the most romantic treehouses that you have ever seen. The name means "the crossing of the reindeer", and a part of the pathway leading to the cottages was built by Roman legionary. Luckily today, there is no sign of infantryman around here. Instead, it's the striking beauty of the rolling hills, lush green forests, and the calmly flowing river of Ourthe that encircles you.

The Moulin de Rensiwez area within the Ardennes is known for stories about fairies, and the creators of this getaway gave life to these fairy tales by imaginative structures and interiors. All you have to do now is pick one of the nine river cabins, nine cabins on the hill, five cabins on the ridge, three huts, six suites in the main building, and a waterfront house.

Indisputably, La Cabane d'Ernest is the most exciting of all. It's an underground bear den facing the River Ourthe. It's been buried under the hill with only a fairy chimney peaking out through its green-covered roof. The interior is fitted with old wood and dry stone, making it the ultimate cozy hideaway. Did I mention the huge stone bathtub and the wood-burning fireplace? Some of the larger cottages have wood heated saunas too.

Rensiwez is almost CO2 neutral, and they protect biodiversity by replacing lawn areas for flowery meadows and replanting hundreds of native plants throughout the premises. So you can rest assured that this pristine land in the heart of Parc Naturel des Deux Ourthes is in good hands, and your stay will be as magical as the photos below suggest.

Les Cabanes De Rensiwez Wooden Stars In The Valley
Les Cabanes De Rensiwez Magical Forest House Perched On The Cliff
Les Cabanes De Rensiwez Hidden Cabins

Cabane Perchée

Cabane Perchée
Cabane Perchée Bed
Cabane Perchée Bathtub
Cabane Perchée Balcony

Cabane de Manon

Cabane de Manon
Cabane de Manon Romantic Interior With Wooden Bathtub
Cabane de Manon Steamy Bath

Cabane d'Elisabeth

Cabane d'Elisabeth Interior
Cabane d'Elisabeth Livingroom With Wooden Bathtub

La Maison au Bord de l’Eau

La Maison au Bord de l’Eau
La Maison au Bord de l’Eau Bedroom
Cabin on the Ridge bathtub

La Cabane d'Ernest - Underground House

La Cabane d'Ernest Underground House
La Cabane d'Ernest Underground House Entrance
La Cabane d'Ernest Living Room
La Cabane d'Ernest Bedroom
La Cabane d'Ernest Bathroom
1 Moulin de Rensiwez, 6663 Houffalize, Belgium