Accommodation types: Cartoon   Design
Location: Athens  Greece  East Europe
Baby Grand Hotel – The Art Rebel HotelBaby Grand  

So you’re fed up with anonymous hotel corridors, beige walls, and red carpets. And you have dined in too many dark-wood restaurants with leather-bound menus.

So what you need to do is go to Athens and head over to the Baby Grand Hotel and get your mind blow-dried by some cutting-edge artists.

Ten visionaries were picked from the new generation of graphic designers, illustrators, and graffiti artists and told to make the walls pretty.


Athens graffiti legend, Dreyk, the Pirate has done the entire second floor in mad styles.

Baby Grand Hotel building exterior

The final two floors are a bit more sedate because, according to the concierge, ‘businessmen don’t want Spiderman’ on their walls. Well, indeed.

Baby Grand Hotel lobby with Mini car

The restaurant seems close to what living inside a Bounty Bar might be like, but the food is totally serious; it is a Greek hotel, after all.

Baby Grand Hotel design restaurant

The bar is 1960s-style kookiness and serves sex toys alongside Moet champagne.

Baby Grand Hotel bar

Your meals are sourced from the owner’s organic farm in Crete so there is no compromise on quality staffing and amenities.

Baby Grand Hotel restaurant and food
Graffiti room in Baby Grand Hotel
Pirate cartoon room in Baby Grand Hotel
Baby Grand Hotel cartoon clouds room
Batman bedroom
Cartoon giant octopus room
Cartoon jungle room
Spider-man room
Cartoon trees room in Baby Grand Hotel
Baby Grand Hotel room
Baby Grand Hotel with view on Athens
Baby Grand Hotel spa
65 Athinas & Lycourgou Street, 10551 Athens, Greece
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