Bunk - Amsterdam's Holy Ho(s)telBunk Hotel  

Conveniently located near Amsterdam's renowned Centraal station, a hub of various public transportation options including high-speed trains, metro, tram, bus, and even boats, The Bunk is just a quick ferry ride to Noord and a short walk away.

At first glance, the hotel's brick-laden sacral building might give you pause, with thoughts of entering with all your luggage and potentially inappropriate clothes. The St. Rita Church, built in 1922 based on the design blueprints by AJ Kropholler, has undergone a radical transformation over the past century, now standing as The Bunk, a unique boutique hotel.

Despite being bombed during the raid on Northern Amsterdam in 1943, the St. Rita Church stood strong. A few years later, the war damages were meticulously repaired, with architect Kees van Moorsel suggesting some enlargements to its tower and hall. This resilience and adaptability are part of the building's unique charm.


In 1973, the western part of the church was converted into a public library. This is the only former function of the building that was kept intact after the sacral place was transformed into The BUNK, a haven for backpackers and travelers seeking an affordable boutique hotel experience.

Saint Rita Church / Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Exterior

Here, the focus is not on the size of the rooms but on the communal spaces that foster a sense of community and shared experiences.

Bunk properties are currently available in Utrecht and Amsterdam, but the company is actively seeking unique buildings to convert into hotels.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Outdoor Terrace

Bunk Hotel is best described as quirky, unique, and eccentric. It pays homage to the building's rich history and is filled with creative details that you can spend hours exploring.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Entrance With a Pink T-Rex

Did you spot the cute plush teddy bear in the photo? No, not the one in the T-Rex's gaping mouth, the other one! Once you find the teddy chilling in the fridge, you start understanding the concept behind Bunk.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Bar

With tulips hanging from the ceiling, Bunk's multi-use communal space is where you will find its all-day restaurant and bar.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Restaurant

The restaurant's designer lamps, green velvet dining sofas, and floral decor are complemented by the church's original brick walls and hardwood flooring.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Green Velvet Dining Sofas

Digital nomads can find a perfect corner to work by one of the iconic features of the church, a monumental arch.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Coworking Space
Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Library

The library was fully renovated, and it's one of Bunk's magical corners where surrounded by historic walls and a pretty nice collection of books, you can read in silence.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Library Studio Door

The library's secret door leads to the studio for a creative outlet.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Studio

Hostel or Hotel?

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Colorful Interior With Box Rooms

The Bunk provides 106 rooms and 52 pods for single or double occupancy. The pods offer more bang for one's buck than traditional hostels, with blackout curtains and a real sense of privacy (unlike bunk beds).

The atrium features white boxes that house private rooms, many with indoor views. If anyone wondered where Nessy, the Loch Ness Monster, spends her vacations, then take a good look at the atrium from above.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Atrium

The five accommodation options range from the most affordable pods to the Most Epic Room, which comes with a bedside freestanding bathtub and a private terrace.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Atrium Projection

Influenced by the Japanese capsule hotels, the pods offer maximum privacy compared to old-school bunk bed hostels. The pods in the shared room stand under the original brick arches of the church.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Pod Room & Original Church Arches

With some cool features of the private rooms, like the personalized light controls trickling down to the cheaper pods, things can get colorful. The control panel enables you to select any color of light inside your pod.

Each pod is equipped with a locker, a hotel-grade mattress, and a thick curtain to block out light and prying eyes.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Single Pods

Double Pods

You don't have to be a solo traveler to save money for the nights out in Amsterdam. Bunk's double capsules are for couples or close friends who don't mind sharing a small space.

If you book a pod, you will have access to gender-neutral showers. First come, first served, no matter your sex!

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Couple Pods

Whichever accommodation you book, you will get fair-trade cotton towels and organic soaps. The scent of the shampoo and shower gel is so enticing that you may be tempted to take multiple showers.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Compact Room For Two

The Most Epic Room

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Most Epic Room

Travelers with deeper pockets than the backpackers stuck in one of the pods can opt for the top-of-the-range Epic Room.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Most Epic Room Bed & Bath

The Most Epic Room has the advantages of both a boutique hotel and a hostel. You can enjoy a freestanding bathtub to relax in hot water located right beside your bed and a private terrace to enjoy your morning coffee.

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Most Epic Room With Terrace

If you enjoy spending time alone but also like to occasionally chat with strangers in the communal areas, this room is for you!

Bunk Hotel Amsterdam Most Epic Room Private Terrace
Hagedoornplein 2, 1031 BV Amsterdam, Netherlands