Anda Venice Hostel - Hip Solution To Visit The City Of CanalsAnda Venice  

Venice has been facing major challenges in recent times. The city is gradually sinking, and some estimates put its final farewell to 2100. No wonder tourists have started flocking to see "the city of canals" in ever larger numbers.

As a consequence, the little territory of Venice started to be so overcrowded that the city authorities had to act. From 2023, Venice will be the first city to limit how many people can enter and will charge €10 per person for a visit. It's an effort to protect the city's historical center, which is on the Unesco World Heritage list.

If you want to avoid crowds during your stay but still see all the major sights of Venice, there is a smart solution. Anda Venice is located right next to the Venice Mestre station, where you can hop on a train that takes you to the heart of Venice's main island in 10 minutes.

This way, you can spend your days discovering all the hidden bridges and architectural masterpieces while resting in the evening in peace and quiet.

And that's not the end of the good news. Most hotels in Venice are exorbitantly expensive due to their exclusivity on a small land. Anda fixes this by offering high-class shared dorm rooms and private double rooms if you need all the space for yourself.

Type: Hostel   Industrial
Location: Venice  Italy  West Europe
Anda Venice Hostel Building's Facade

The giant concrete block of Anda hides a funky industrial/maritime design interior with upcycled shipping containers are colorful decorations.

Anda Venice Hostel Main Entrance

Anda Venice Hostel Reception Area

Lamps are made of old lifebuoys, and a small boat hangs from the ceiling in the lounge. Another thing that hangs from the top is a swing chair.

Anda Venice Hostel Industrial Design Lounge View From The Mezzanine

Anda Venice Hostel Alai Bar

Alai Bar

Anda Venice Hostel Breakfast Area

Anda Venice Hostel Bar

Anda Venice Hostel Working Station

Anda Venice Hostel Co-Working Spaces

Anda is full of cozy spaces to help you relax after a long day of exploration, and they also provide co-working corners for all you digital nomads.

Anda Venice Hostel Luggage Storage Room

Anda Venice Hostel Laundry Room

One of the most sought-after things in hostels is a proper laundry room. This way you can do the washing yourself, without having to pay extra for the service.

Anda Venice Hostel Guest Kitchen

Another must-have feature of any serious hostel is the quality and spacious kitchen for its hungry guests. Your shared-room stay will become even more affordable if you don't need to eat out all the time, and in Italy, fresh produce is not too hard to get by.

Anda Venice Hostel Chill Out Area On The Mezzanine Floor

The mezzanine floor's chill-out area if you need some relaxing space during your stay.

Anda Venice Hostel Dorm Room Bunk Beds

Anda Venice Hostel Double Bed

The dorm rooms are the most affordable, but you can opt for a private double too.

Anda Venice Hostel Bathroom

Anda Venice Hostel Bedroom Sunset View

Anda Venice Hostel Outdoor Courtyard Beer Garden Event

Anda Venice Hostel Live Music

Anda Venice Hostel DJ Set

Via Ortigara, 10, 30171 Venezia VE, Italy