Casa Silencio - The Luxury Mezcal Hotel in MexicoCasa Silencio  

The "House of Silence" is one of Mexico's most exclusive hotels, with only six rooms. It's also the only place in the world where you can stay at an active mezcal production site.

Does it sound too industrial to be habitable? Quite the contrary. Casa Silencio is built around the making and tasting experience of "oven-cooked agave" but reaches the luxury levels of 5-star hotels. And that's not all. The hotel offers a journey into the heart of Oaxacan mysticism and mezcal culture.

The eco-friendly retreat honors the ancient process of making mezcal while offering upscale accommodation in a unique setting in the picturesque valley where the Xaagá community lives.

The wide-reaching 16-acre (6.5 hectares) property contains a sustainable mezcal distillery, where visitors can witness the entire production process.

Casa Silencio

The founders of the mezcal brand, El Silencio are Zapata and Cisneros. Their vision of creating the mezcal version of a "luxury wine hotel" was helped by the Mexican architect Alejandro D'Acosta, creator of the Taller de Arquitectos Colaboradores (TAC).

Casa Silencio Retreat

Casa Silencio's self-sustaining complex was constructed using natural (rammed earth) and reclaimed materials (wood, metal, stone).

Casa Silencio Eco Hotel

The unique work of the TAC architects complements Xaagá's star-filled night sky.

Casa Silencio Unique Building and Starry Night

The hotel's backdrop is the gorgeous rugged terrains of the State of Oaxaca.

Casa Silencio Exterior with Hills in the Background

Some of this "ruggedness" is incorporated into the hotel - at times, it's locally sourced rocks piled up in the courtyard as a sample of the region's landscape.

Casa Silencio Courtyard

Immerse yourself in the intricate world of mezcal. At the resort, you can experience the traditional methods of making this iconic alcoholic beverage and taste the different variants.

El Silencio Mezcal Production Facility

The knowledgeable staff will explain in detail the five steps of making mezcal: harvesting the agaves, cooking, crushing, fermentation, and distillation (1st, 2nd, and then cask maturation and bottling).

Casa Silencio Mezcal Production Hall

One reason for its multidimensional taste (compared to Tequila, which is also made of agave) is the use of in-ground fire pits filled with wood and charcoal, resulting in a smoky flavor.

Casa Silencio Hotel Mezcal Making Process Exhibition

Mezcal Tasting

Casa Silencio Mezcal Tasting

Casa Silencio's incredible lounge has an extra-long table extending to the outer world.

Casa Silencio Open Lounge

The hotel's rustic bar with classic bar stools and a Western atmosphere is where you can sample how mezcal can be used in various cocktails - or simply raw, depending on how you like it!

Casa Silencio Bar
Casa Silencio Bar Mezcal Selection

Industrial-Chic Rooms

Casa Silencio High-Ceiling Room With Designer Chandelier

The rooms' industrial-chic design exposes iron and copper pipes along the tall concrete walls. These raw and unsophisticated details are contrasted by extravagant copper lamps, chandeliers, nightstands, and coffee tables, adding "chic" to the "industrial."

Casa Silencio Attic Room

The artisan textiles - like the oversized gray drapes protecting from the scorching sun - are the work of talented locals in the Teotitlán del Valle.

Casa Silencio Bedroom

The bathroom's natural light is filtered through glass bottles. The ones painted in black block the sunlight, but the transparent bottles let it through, creating playful and creative walls.

Casa Silencio Hotel Bathroom
Casa Silencio Suite
Casa Silencio Garden Pool
Casa Silencio Hotel Art Installation At Night
Casa Silencio Outdoor Furniture
Casa Silencio Outdoor Plunge Pool
Casa Silencio Garden Mountain Views
Casa Silencio Agave Harvest
Casa Silencio Fire Pit At Night
Unnamed Road, 70430 Xaagá, Oaxaca, Mexico