Inara Camp - Glamping in the Moroccan Desert Closest to MarrakechInara Camp  

The Inara Camp stretches over 21 hectares along the arid slopes of the Agafay Desert. It's located within a relatively short ride (less than an hour) from Marrakech, in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains.

The Afagay Desert, spanning hundreds of hectares, is dominated by stones and rocks in a hilly environment with dunes painted in white and ochre tones.

Due to its climate, this small desert possesses the same characteristics as its larger counterparts, like the Sahara. Here, the sand has given way to rocky terrain, revealing breathtaking landscapes.

Location: Agafay  Morocco  Africa
Inara Camp Aerial

Vincent Jacquet, the project owner, came up with the idea of offering a unique experience: sleeping in the middle of the desert with all the comforts of a hotel.

Inara Camp Glamping in the Moroccan Desert

He has established a unique accommodation concept with a team native to the Sahara, creating an authentic experience in the Agafay desert.

Inara Camp
Le Circles restaurant

In addition, he has implemented a lagoon at the heart of the camp, designed according to bio-design principles.

Le Circles restaurant pool with view of the Agafay Desert

At Inara Camp, Chef Mustafa uses local produce to create delicious authentic cuisine. There are two options for dining: The Circle Restaurant and Le Soukoune.

Inara Camp Sunset

Le Cercle restaurant is a magical place that blends Moroccan hospitality with a stunning event space centered around an infinity pool with views of the desert and the Atlas Mountains. The menu includes a variety of Moroccan salads, briouats (Moroccan pastries), couscous, tagines, and pastilla.

Inara Camp Fire Pits At Night

Sitting atop the camp, Le Soukoune restaurant offers Moroccan classics to both outsiders and hotel guests in one of its nine intimate tents.

Inara Camp Private Dining

Moroccan Breakfast

In Moroccan traditions, breakfast is a highlight of the day. It features homemade bread, olives, made-to-order omelets, cold meats, pancakes, cakes, freshly squeezed orange juice, among many others.

Inara Camp Discovery Tents
Discovery tents

The camp has a variety of living spaces. There are 19 tents with high-end services spread across the camp, with the swimming pool and dining area as the central points.

Inara Camp Discovery Tent Bedroom

The tents are divided into three categories, varying in size from 25 to 36m² (and the Suites have an outdoor terrace of 96m² facing the desert).

Inara Camp Inara Suite Tent
Inara Suite Tent

There are 19 tents in total, including 6 "Discovery" and 9 "Emotion" tents offering panoramic views and 3 "Inara Suite" tents with a view of the canyon.

Inara Camp Inara Suite Desert Terrace

The most exclusive, Suite 19, is located further away from the other tents and offers 50 square meters of space and extra privacy.

Inara Camp Emotion Tent
Emotion Tent

The Inara Camp tents are inspired by the different philosophies of several Berber tribes, featuring a bohemian design with warm colors influenced by Maghreb craftsmanship.

The two higher-category accommodations are equipped with a wood stove and an air conditioner to adapt to extreme temperatures.

Inara Camp Emotion Tent Bedroom

All tents come with a king-size bed, a private bathroom with shower and toilet, a lounge/office area, and an outdoor space. The two higher categories also feature a wood stove and an air cooler to accommodate extreme temperatures.

Inara Camp Emotion Tent Desert View

The interiors feature furniture, decorations, and materials selected from local Moroccan crafts, showcasing the daily life of Moroccans.

Suitcases, folding chairs, Moroccan and African furniture and decorative objects, old motorcycles, and vintage 4x4s are all part of the repertoire.

Inara Camp Emotion Tent Terrace

The bathrooms include luxurious toiletries made by "Les Sens de Marrakech" with orange blossom and argan oil.

Inara Camp Emotion Tent Sun Lounger

Inara Camp Sunset Time

Inara Camp Desert Lagoon
Desert Lagoon

The outdoor swimming pool, also known as Desert Lagoon, is located near the tents and has an organic design that blends into the rocky environment. It offers a breathtaking view of the high Atlas Mountains, stretching as far as the eye can see.

Inara Camp Desert Lagoon Pool

With total respect for the environment, the eco-friendly swimming pool is made not of concrete or metal frames but of sand and quartz cast in a porous resin.

Inara Camp Desert Lagoon Pool at Night

This desert lagoon maintained at a constant temperature of 27°C - a pleasantly cool water temperature to soak in while gazing at the Martian-like terrain.

When the night falls, the dark Desertian landscape is lit by the campfire, the candles, and a million stars in the sky. It's one of those unique experiences you can only encounter when you are out in the desert.

Inara Camp Desert Yoga

Numerous activities are available at Inara Camp, including outdoor yoga, traditional camel riding, desert adventures on a quad or buggy, hot air balloon flight, and guided stargazing.

Inara Camp Desert Camel Ride

Inara Camp Desert Hot Air Balloon Ride

Agafay Desert, Morocco

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