Sep'on Heartfulness Centre - Yoga & Meditation in the World's Skinniest HotelSep'on  
Heartfulness Centre

Thao Bui, the founder of Sep'on Heartfulness Centre, comes from an unlikely place. Most people in the industry who open a hotel have a business, architecture, or interior design background, but not her. Thao is an avid traveler and a mindfulness and meditation teacher.

Her passion for mindfulness and her hometown led to creating a local community and, eventually, the Sep'on Heartfulness Centre, where people from all over the world can gather and share a peaceful space.

Sep'on has three distinguished offerings: accommodation, healing classes, and workshops/retreats. The "home and shelter" offer sustainable accommodation in three different room types and a communal space in the garden called the Tranquil Bar and Café.

There are mindfulness and heartfulness, yoga and breathwork classes, as well as sound healing meditation for achieving a calm mind and active body. Additionally, you can join retreats and workshops organized by Sep'on.


The five-story structure in Nha Trang, Vietnam, has a total floor space of only 6,727 square feet (625 square meters).

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Nha Trang Street

The innovative architects at 324Praxis, based in Ho Chi Minh City, have ingeniously crafted 12 deluxe rooms and suites, a meditation room, a yoga shala, and a reading corner within this slender building complex.

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Concrete Tower With Wooden Balconies

The rooms and communal spaces are thoughtfully distributed across blocks A, B, and C.

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Concrete and Glass Facade

The metal staircases are located in an external glass extension, and the wooden balconies are connected to the modern building's concrete structure.

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Garden

This quirky hotel is located in Vietnam's most famous coastline city, a few minutes from the Nha Trang City beach.

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Plants

Sep’on Garden is a plant-filled communal space that serves coffee specialties during the day, such as mouthwatering matcha lattes. In the evenings, it transforms into a clandestine jazz bar. Happy hour is from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, and the place is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Communal Space
Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Narrow Pathways

Some parts of the building are so narrow that you can stretch your hand and touch both walls.

Interior Architecture & Yoga

Sep'on describes itself as the first co-living and co-healing space in Nha Trang. What do they mean by this?

Yoga at the Sep'on Heartfulness Centre

Part of the experience of staying at Sep'on Heartfulness Centre is immersing yourself in mindfulness and heartfulness, whether you are new to it or an experienced meditator/yogi.

Meditation Class at Sep'on Heartfulness Centre

You can attend daily (except for Monday) guided yoga and meditation sessions, including sound healing.

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Yoga

Lyon Room

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Room Entrance

This minimalist room with a low double bed on beautiful wooden floors and some green plants is perfect for couples.

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Gastby Room

Gastby Room

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Gatsby Room Bed With Nha Trang City View

The city-view Gastby room with an industrial-design accent can accommodate two adults and one child.

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Gatsby Hotel Room

Forrest Room

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Forrest Room

The garden/mountain-view Forrest has ample space for three adults and two children.

Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Room Products
Sep'on Heartfulness Centre Hotel Bathroom
150 Dã Tượng, Nha Trang, Vietnam