The Carpenter Hotel - Industrial Chic Style in AustinThe Carpenter  

Opened in 2018, this hotel in Austin is true to its name. It proudly exposes building materials inside and outside, has a pool with a quirky hangar to hang out, fancy food, and 93 rooms with brick-laden balconies.

It's hard to keep up with Austin's development boom, but luckily there are still some prime examples of what keeps the city weird, in the best meaning of the word.

You are a short walk from the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge, Austin's coolest attraction. You can watch the scenic sunsets with the city's skyline in the foreground on a comfy bench without noisy and smelly cars passing by.

Type: Design   Industrial
Location: Austin  USA  North America

Located close to the Colorado River in the Southern part of Austin, the Carpenter Hotel is housed in a mid-century brick building plus a Brutalist-style extension for the hotel's rooms.

The Carpenter Hotel Exterior With Fine Metalwork

So, brick lovers rejoice as the orange building blocks (sometimes painted in white) appear on the facade, the reception desk, the walls of the rooms, and even shape the balconies' balustrade.

The Carpenter Hotel Main Entrance

The Carpenters Hall restaurant used to be home to Carpenter's Union Hall, and thankfully the building's new owners have respected the historic structure.

The Carpenter Hotel Walkway Brick Separator

At first glance, you will be confused about which is the original and which is the new building, as the work was so well done.

The original structure houses the lobby and the restaurant, and as you walk through it, the connection between old and new is seamless.

The Carpenter Hotel Reception

The hotel sells its own merchandise and souvenirs, so you can take home a piece of Austin.

The Carpenter Hotel Merchandise Shop
The Carpenter Hotel Lobby Lounge

Coffee bar

The Carpenter Hotel Coffee Bar
The Carpenter Hotel Coffee Bar Lounge
The Carpenter Hotel Cocktail
The Carpenter Hotel Coffee Bar Vinyl Collection

Carpenters Hall

The hotel's restaurant is open to everyone, serving classic unpretentious, comforting foods. The brunch on the weekends includes Mexican-inspired breakfasts like migas scramble, huevo frito, plus Southern-style dishes like shrimp and grits.

The Carpenter Hotel Carpenters Hall

How about dipping into the Happy Hour Spread?

The Carpenter Hotel Happy Hour Spread
The Carpenter Hotel Brutalist Staircase
The Carpenter Hotel Standard Double
The Carpenter Hotel Standard King Room
The Carpenter Hotel Large King Room Bathroom
The Carpenter Hotel Large King Room
The Carpenter Hotel Large King Bedroom
The Carpenter Hotel Large King Suite
The Carpenter Hotel Room Balcony

Old pecan groves surround the outdoor patio, where you can sip locally brewed drinks from the Carpenter Coffee Bar.

The Carpenter Hotel Outdoor Patio


The Quonset hut (lightweight prefabricated structure developed by the USA) is the poolside chill area with fans cooling you from its ceiling on hot summer days.

The Carpenter Hotel Qhut
The Carpenter Hotel Pool

The outdoor pool has a picturesque setting among the pecan grove, and the hotel provides you with towels, sun loungers, and drinks upon request from either the Carpenters Hall or the Carpenter Coffee Bar.

The Carpenter Hotel Outdoor Swimming Pool
400 Josephine St, Austin, TX 78704