FlopHouze - Shipping Container Hotel In TexasFlopHouze  

The concept of FlopHouze frees two birds with one key with their new hotel in a tiny Texan town halfway between Houston and Austin.

First, the small upcycled shipping containers perfectly match the latest reducing, reusing, and recycling trends.

Plus, the metal boxes made way for artistic creativity. Innovative architecture and funky pop art murals on the sidewalls of the shipping containers (or rather living containers).

FlopHouze Property Overview

Photo Credit: Flophouze Shipping Container Hotel

Owner Matt White and his crew, the Recycling The Past, have given the shipping containers a second life and set an example for unique lodging and recycling.

FlopHouze Exterior

The eco team used sustainably harvested wood from their farm and reclaimed lumber from a distillery.

FlopHouze Shipping Containers Back View

The holes cut on the sides of the shipping containers were fitted with windows from a former school destined to be demolished.

FlopHouze Shipping Container Hotel

One man's garbage is another man's window!

FlopHouze 1 Living Room With Kitchen

Inside the quirky metal frames, the eco-consciousness lives on.

FlopHouze 2 Living Room Nature View

The cabinets are sourced from former Brooklyn laboratories, and the countertops are made from old bowling alley and railroad car floors found in Texas.

FlopHouze 3 Living Room

The industrial atmosphere of the shipping containers with exposed electrical wires is beautifully contrasted by the cheerful rugs, artworks, and artifacts collected during Matt's trips around the world.

FlopHouze 4 Living Room And Kitchen

If going eco and saving up is your thing, FlopHouze lets you experience living small before you decide to downscale your home.

FlopHouze Shipping Container Bedroom

And if you are convinced it's the right way to go, the container homes are for sale.

FlopHouze 5 Living Room

FlopHouze 5 Nature View

FlopHouze Unit 6 Kitchen And Living Room

FlopHouze's cool factor starts with the vintage vinyl collections in each of the six units and continues with the outdoor hammocks and fire pits.

FlopHouze Shipping Container Pool

But the cherry on the cake is the pool made out of a shipping container.

FlopHouze Pool With Giant Rubber Duck

FlopHouze Sunset View

FlopHouze Starry Sky

Round Top's official population is a mere 90, so it's the perfect getaway from a busy urban life.

FlopHouze Ballroom

Despite its size, it hosts the bi-annual Round Top Antiques Fair.

FlopHouze Recycling the Past

If you miss the occasion, the on-site store (Recycling the Past) also has plenty of cool vintage stuff for sale.

1132 W, Farm to Market Rd 1291, Round Top, TX 78954