Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge - Former Brothel Turned Into an Erotic Boutique HotelPensão Amor  
Madam's Lodge

From bordello to boutique hotel, Pensão Amor's ("Guesthouse of Love") transformation is equally unique and provocative. Nude frescoes, erotic art, and a thick, velvet-covered atmosphere remind you of the times when love could be bought for 200 réis.

Lisbon's Cais do Sodre neighborhood was the city's red light district until the late last century. With ships disembarking at this busy transportation hub filled with docks and warehouses, seamen starving for female touch were headed to the closest pleasure houses where love was sold by the hour.

The bohemian neighborhood attracted the bourgeois, artists, writers, musicians, streetwalkers, and consequently, criminals whose legendary stories are now told through art in the post-prostitution-era nightlife spots.

Type: Concept
Location: Lisbon  Portugal  West Europe

When Portugal made prostitution illegal in 1963, it sealed the faith of the district - or so people thought. However, lucrative locals saw great potential in its revitalization, and in 2013, Pink Street was opened. This quirky urban space is dotted with colorful umbrellas, and its asphalt is painted pink.

So, Cais do Sodre's shady history is a thing of the past, and Pink Street today has the highest concentration of bars and nightclubs.

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Call Room

The hotel's reception is decorated like the anteroom of a luxurious brothel. A menu that looks like a poster presents the rooms of Madam's Lodge with a number and a short history of one of its supposed former harlots.

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Reception

Pensão Amor started its career as a bar with an extravagant interior and a spicey vibe. The concept of burlesque shows alongside handcrafted drinks was a big success among locals and visitors alike.

Pensao Amor Cocktail Bar

So, the owners decided to extend the business with unique accommodations aimed at people over 16 and opened Madam's Lodge, featuring 22 themed rooms - sixty years after the prohibition started.

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Bar

Pensão Amor has a hidden bookstore in the back, with an erotic collection to drool over. And if you are looking to learn a new skill, there are pole dancing classes to take!

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Bar Disco Ball

Nuno Saraiva, the talented cartoon book author and illustrator, designed the hotel's contemporary murals, including the colorful drawings in the staircase connecting the seven floors between Pensão Amor and Madam's Lodge. His unique urban art can be seen all over Lisbon.

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Staircase With Wall Art

Lisbon's Fantasies

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Lisbon's Fantasies Room

Usually, hotels name their rooms after their bed setups or the view they offer. Madam's Lodge's unique room naming is dedicated to former tenants whose belongings (including adult toys!) are exposed throughout the interior.

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Lisbon's Fantasies Bed

If you are unsure how some of these swings and rings are supposed to work, there are instruction manuals on the walls with all the different position variations. For experienced guests, lingerie and costumes can be requested at the reception.

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Lisbon's Fantasies Swing Chair

Roger Mor, the creative mind and storyteller behind each room, has collected and exhibited (or hid in drawers) memorabilia - pictures, letters, vintage accessories - and authentic furniture and décor to match the former establishment's history. Thanks to these objects, the life and stories of harlots are recreated in room-sized museums.

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Lisbon's Fantasies Bordello Memorabilia

Madam's Treasures

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Madam's Treasures Room

The three pillows on the bed of Madam's Treasures are not for extra comfort but for an extra guest. The lodge welcomes trios curious to explore polyamorous experiences.

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Madam's Treasures Room Interior

World's Pearls

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge World's Pearls Room

Hotel door signs like the dull "do not disturb" were replaced by quirky and fun messages like: "I'm almost coming, come back later" - a clear indication to the hotel staff not to enter your room.

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge World's Pearls Bathroom With Vintage Bathtub
Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge World's Pearls Suite Sauna

Secret Rooms

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Secret Rooms
Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Secret Room With Pink Lights
Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Secret Room Drawer With Vintage Photos

Special Corners

Pensão Amor Madam's Lodge Special Corners
Rua Nova do Carvalho 38, 1200-161, Lisboa, Portugal