Bratwurst Hotel - Sausage-Themed Guesthouse in GermanyBratwurst Hotel  

Welcome to the paradise of all grill masters—and the nightmare of all vegans. Claus Böbel, the Franconian butcher, has fulfilled his lifelong dream by turning a run-down inn with the help of 700,000 euros into the world's first bratwurst hotel in a German village of 400 people.

In September 2020, Claus opened the Bratwurst Hotel in Rittersbach, Franconia. In his slightly over-the-top way, he refers to it as "BB & BB," with the first two Bs representing Böbel and Bratwurst restaurant (only serving dishes with bratwurst) and the other two Bed and Breakfast.


The hotel is located in Böbel's family house. In 2008, Claus took over the butcher shop from his father, Willy. During the extensive and costly renovation, he replaced the old shutters with new green ones featuring little pigs cut out of them.

Bratwurst Hotel's Brick Building Exterior

He installed a sausage and meat vending machine in front of his shop so that people could shop there 24/7; where you can enter through an opening shaped like a pig. Claus has created not only a hotel and a restaurant but also an entire theme park.

Bratwurst Hotel Reception

The master butcher passes on his love of sausage during guided tours, courses on homemade bratwurst that he runs with his wife, Monika, and "sausage experience hikes".

Claus is the fourth generation to run the family business. He wants to use his hotel to make the business future-proof, and he is on a good track, as his daughter, Julia, is as hooked on the meat topic as he is.

Claus Böbel, the owner of Bratwurst Hotel with a sausage in his hand

In the on-site restaurant, bratwurst plays a role in every dish, from salad to dessert. Yes, this is a place exclusively for carnivores!

Meeting room and kitchen (guest can fry their sausages here)

They currently offer 16 types of bratwurst: apple, wild garlic, beer, chili, dry-aged, hazelnut, coffee, potato, cheese, caraway, pumpkin seed, horseradish, pepper, fried onion, chocolate, and tomato. The hotel also offers sausages without pork for Muslim and Jewish guests.


You can get a can of sausage meat and a slice of bread in the sausage bar even at night.

Bratwurst Bar

The wallpaper featuring piglet patterns is ready to receive fun comments from visiting guests.

Leave a comment wallpaper at the Bratwurst Hotel

The stairwell has butcher's knives on the wall, designed by Julia Böbel, which leads to the rooms, where the wallpapers have sausage patterns, and the pillows resemble oversized bratwurst.

Bratwurst Hotel Corridor Decorated by Clocks by Julia Böbel

There are seven guest rooms, each with a different theme, such as "Raw Bratwurst Ingredients," "Variations of Bratwurst," "Traveling Bratwurst," and "Bratwurst Stories."

Bratwurst Hotel Room Number 3

In a world that is becoming increasingly plant-based, it feels forbiddenly kinky to sleep in a house made of sausage. Everywhere you turn, the Bratwurst Hotel is a feast for the eyes-bratwursts hanging from the ceiling, sausages in every corner.

Bratwurst Hotel Sausage Meat Decoration in Room 1

The soap bars in the bathrooms resemble sausages, and their doors are decorated with drawings of pigs.

Bratwurst Hotel Sausage Can Instead of Room Service

Instead of some boring room service that you find in hotels, this bed and breakfast has canned minced meat for when you get hungry.

Bratwurst Hotel Bathroom

So, are you ready to spend a night in a sausage-filled room?

Bratwurst Hotel double room with a semi-open bathroom

Ritterstrasse 9, 91166 Georgensgmünd, Germany