Korinkyo Hotel - Hip Japanese Minimalism & Isolation TankKorinkyo  

A newly opened hotel in the coastal city of Kanazawa is making waves. Korinkyo Hotel debuted in late 2021, instantly becoming one of the hippest places to stay for the night.

Kanazawa is known as the "little Kyoto", full of charming traditional teahouses and wooden structures where you can get a taste of ancient Japan.

The boutique hotel is inside the former gallery of Kutani Ware, a famous Japanese pottery brand originating from the ancient Kutani, where porcelain art was made since 1655. As a result, unique craftsmanship is made visible throughout the hotel's premises.

The check-in and lounge are on the second floor, where the grey walls are decorated with books about Kanazawa. The intimate atmosphere is best enjoyed with a hot cup of green tea, which you will receive upon arrival.

Type: Design   Industrial
Location: Kanazawa  Japan  East Asia
Korinkyo Hotel Building

Korinkyo is a successful fusion of traditional Japanese culture and modern industrial design, resulting in a boutique hotel you will not forget.

Korinkyo Hotel Entrance Water Well

The list of unusual features starts at the modern arched entrance, where you will find a well slowly dripping water into a concrete container.

Korinkyo Hotel Entrance At Night

There is an operational perfume distillery when you enter through the glass doors.

Korinkyo Hotel Perfume Distillary

With its exposed machines, Korinkyo sets the industrial atmosphere that made this hotel so unique.

Korinkyo Hotel Perfume Shop

Here, you can buy creams, soaps, and perfumes.

Korinkyo Hotel Restaurant

The breakfast at Korinkyo Hotel's onsite restaurant is a remarkable experience.

Korinkyo Hotel Breakfast

Forget about the usual continental food you are accustomed to. Instead, the breakfast consists of Taiwanese classics, like porridge, steamed vegetables, buns, and douhua - tofu pudding.

Korinkyo Hotel Superior Room

The rooms include a tablet with a guide to the hotel, and instead of a traditional TV, they opted for a more exciting solution. If you want to watch a movie, there is a Nebula-branded projector.

Korinkyo Hotel Tea Set

Each room has a beautiful handmade set of Kutani Ware teaware. You can drink from them two types of Taiwanese teas that are also included.

Korinkyo Hotel High Floor Sweet View Room

The plush beds stand on traditional tatami mats, and some rooms even have their own saunas.

Korinkyo Hotel Room View

Korinkyo Hotel Bathroom With Sauna

The minimalist bathrooms have mosaic-tiled showers. The towels are made of organic cotton by the Japanese Ikeuchi, and if you forgot your toothbrush or your comb, don't worry, they have that too.

The hand soaps, shower gels, shampoos, and lotions are by Petrichor, which received its name from the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil.

Korinkyo Hotel Rooftop Spa

Korinkyo Hotel Rooftop Bath Pools

A rooftop sauna and bath are nothing extraordinary, but how about an isolation tank?

Korinkyo Hotel Isolation Tank

First, of course, you must book an appointment, as there is only one, but you will experience serenity while floating in the futuristic water tank.

1 Chome-1-31 Katamachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0981, Japan