K5 - Tokyo's Swedish Designed Boutique HotelK5  

Hotel K5's compact building in Tokyo's business district packs more facilities than its humble exterior would suggest.

The simple four-story brick structure houses twenty designer guest rooms, a coffee shop, a restaurant, a brewery, and a cocktail bar.

The former bank building in Nihonbashi Kabutochō from the 1920s was transformed into an urban haven by the highly skilled Swedish architects of Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Type: Design
Location: Tokyo  Japan  East Asia

This historical photo showcases the former bank building in the financial district of Tokyo.

Vintage photo of Tokyo's bank building in Nihonbashi Kabutochō from the 1920s

Kabutochō is Japan's business center, where you can find the Tokyo Stock Exchange along with other financial institutes. In the past decade, it became one of the coolest neighborhoods thanks to the Kabutochō Revitalization project.

Hotel K5 Tokyo's Exterior

The internationally acclaimed designers working on the hotel have blended Swedish aesthetics with Japanese minimalism in the riad-esque interiors dominated by high ceilings.

Hotel K5 Tokyo Entrance

Some walls were stripped of all paint, and to tone down the industrial vibe, their bare concrete presence was spiced up with green plants.

Hotel K5 Tokyo Reception

Switch Coffee

For your daily coffee shot, head to Switch Coffee, where you can get quality barista drinks. With espresso tonic on offer, you know they take caffeine intake seriously.

Hotel K5 Tokyo Switch Coffee

Beer Hall

The four drinking/dining establishments follow the Japanese "aimai" concept of vaguely outlined borders between the spaces.

Hotel K5 Tokyo Beer Hall

Part of the gastronomical experience is the presentation of the dishes on pretty handcrafted ceramics.

Hotel K5 Tokyo Fancy Food
Hotel K5 Tokyo Corridor

The rooms, suites, and studios are larger than Tokyo's standard, and the high ceilings make them look even more spacious.

Hotel K5 Tokyo Room Door

K5 Room

Hotel K5 Tokyo Room

The aesthetically pleasing harmony of the interiors is the consequence of not having intrusive modern tech, like large flat screens.

Hotel K5 Tokyo Room Bed

Instead, the room's most hipster feature is a record player that comes with a vinyl collection.

Hotel K5 Tokyo K5 Room

The speakers are high above your bed, so expect an acoustic experience unlike in any other hotel.

Hotel K5 Tokyo K5 Room Bed Curtain


Hotel K5 Tokyo Studio

Junior Suite

K5 Hotel Tokyo Junior Suite

If you upgrade to the Junior Suite Loft / K5 Loft, you'll be rewarded with more space and a freestanding bathtub.

K5 Hotel Tokyo Junior Suite Bathroom

K5 Loft

K5 Hotel Tokyo K5 Loft

The bathroom's mirror lamp turns the atmosphere into a red light zone with a push of a button.

K5 Hotel Tokyo K5 Loft Red Light Bathroom

Bicycles are available on a first-come, first-served basis to discover Tokyo at a faster pace. And as the city saw its cycling infrastructure massively upgraded, it's one of the best ways to see the city.

K5 Hotel Tokyo Bicycle
3-5 Nihonbashikabutocho, Chuo City, Tokyo 103-0026, Japan