4-star Superior Hotel “Colosseo” in Europa-Park - Living In Ancient Rome4-Star Superior  
Hotel Colosseo

The hotel “Colosseo” is a must-see for visitors who want the definitive Italian sightseeing experience. This is not only a luxurious hotel but also one that is designed in ancient Roman architectural style.

From Roman columns to exotic bedrooms made for an emperor, the “Colosseo” is the final word in theme hotel luxury. There are eight types of rooms to choose from, including standard or deluxe rooms as well as themed, deluxe, theme, presidential, and even a Caesar and Cleopatra suite. The most luxurious room features four flat-screen TVs, a private sauna, and even a free-standing golden music bathtub. The in-room paintings and Romanesque architecture is the hotel’s real claim to fame, with large murals, stone fixtures, and luxury linens for bedding.

There are plenty of extras onsite, from traditional Italian restaurants (“Antica Roma” and “Commedia dell’Arte”) to saunas and a swimming pool. The sauna is for ages 18 and up while the Fitness Spa New England welcomes ages 16 and up. This four-star superior hotel is one of the more unique hotels you will find in all of Europe and will definitely help you take some good pictures with a nice visual backdrop.

Type: Theme Park
Location: Rust  Germany  West Europe
Superior Hotel Colosseo

Colosseum hotel

Superior Hotel Colosseo lobby

Superior Hotel Colosseo lobby ceiling

Superior Hotel Colosseo restaurant

Superior Hotel Colosseo dining

Mille Miglia restaurant

Superior Hotel Colosseo suite entrance

Superior Hotel Colosseo suite

Superior Hotel Colosseo bedroom

Superior Hotel Colosseo room

Superior Hotel Colosseo spa sauna


Girl under water in the swimming pool of the Colosseum hotel

View from the top of Superior Hotel Colosseo

Superior Hotel Colosseo view on the Italian theme town

Italian town

Europa-Park-Strasse 4-6, 77977 Rust, Germany