Karpniki Castle - Medieval Luxury in PolandKarpniki Castle  

Some of the most famous castles were built in Germany, France, Spain, and the UK, but what if I told you that Poland has more to offer for the fans of Medieval architecture than you would think? With 502 castles and 2,500 palaces, there is a lot to discover.

The Karpniki Castle is located in the beautiful mountainous county of Karkonosze in Lower Silesia. The robust neo-Gothic structure dates back to the 14th century. It was rebuilt several times over the past seven centuries, gaining its final shape in 1846.

Type: Castle
Location: Karpniki  Poland  East Europe

Its final major reconstruction was at the request of Prince Wilhelm of Prussia, who bought the estate in 1822.

Karpniki Castle in the fog in Poland's picturesque Karkonosze region

He ordered Friedrich August Stüler, a famous architect of the time, who practiced his skills on buildings like the Berlin Palace (Berliner Schloss), to redecorate the Karpniki Castle in a neo-Gothic style.

Karpniki Castle - Schloss Fischbach

Nestled in the foothills of Krzyzna Mountain and surrounded by a magical hilly land that's often covered by a mystical layer of fog, Karpniki Castle lives up to its fairytale-like looks.

Karpniki Castle Medieval

This place offers the full castle experience you dreamt about as a child. It is encircled by a protective moat that's only accessible via the footbridges - in case you need to save the queen from the evil dragon, the drawbridge is your first obstacle!

Karpniki Castle From Above

Karpniki Castle During Winter, Covered with Snow

Karpniki has a main tower and turrets resembling it in each corner of the curtain walls.

Karpniki Castle Lake Reflection

The inner ward is so authentic that it transports you back in time to the Middle Ages.

Karpniki Castle Aerial

This fortified enclosure was used to protect the castle with arrow fire on invaders on bad days and a marketplace for festivals and fairs on the good days.

Karpniki Castle Ward

The Medieval interiors won't disappoint you either. Wood flooring, gilded hanging candelabras, hand-carved antique furniture, and gold framed painting set the authentic atmosphere.

Karpniki Castle Lounge

Walking around the castle's chambers and maze of corridors is like a visit to the museum. You can feel the building's long and eventful history through every wall.

Karpniki Castle Corridor

The Royal Suite Apartment

Karpniki Castle Royal Suite

All 20 accommodation options are within the castle's walls. There are historical apartments, suites, and rooms scattered around the building.

Karpniki Castle The Royal Suite Apartment

The most impressive are the two richly decorated historical apartments: Royal and Renaissance.

Karpniki Castle The Royal Suite Apartment Bedroom

Karpniki Castle The Royal Suite Apartment Medieval Bedroom

The Renaissance Apartment

Karpniki Castle Renaissance Apartment

Karpniki Castle Renaissance Apartment Bathroom

Junior Suite

Karpniki Castle Junior Suite

Karpniki Castle Junior Suite Apartament Marianna

The Wellness Zone is part modern, part medieval. There is a Finnish sauna, a steam room, a relaxation, and a massage room — everything you would expect from a modern hotel in the 21st century.

But if you head outside, you will find a giant barrel filled with thermal water and adorned by candlelights for a perfect Medieval vibe.

Karpniki Castle Hot tub with thermal water

Łąkowa 1, 58-533 Karpniki, Poland