Burg Colmberg - 1,000-Year-Old Castle Hotel Of The Franconian KingsBurg  

Burg Colmberg is perfectly situated at the meeting point of Germany's two most picturesque car trip routes, the Romantic Road and the Castle Road. The 1,000-year-old hotel that used to serve Franconian kings is now ready to serve you. You can spot it from far as it sits right on top of a hill, overlooking the beautiful Bavarian landscape.

The medieval ambiance is best enjoyed if you choose one of the historic rooms with four-poster beds, centuries-old paintings, antique furniture, and wooden ceilings. Feeling like a king or a queen yet? Take a glance at the ancient stone towers from your windows, visit the on-site chapel and the royal stables for a complete experience.

If you get hungry by the overwhelming castle experience, there are two rustic restaurants - Zur Remise and Burgstuben - to choose from. Order the typical meals that only the royalty would have eaten back in the days, and wash it off by the beer exclusively brewed for Burg Colmberg called the Schwarzer Ritter (black knight).

Once your appetite is satisfied, head for a stroll in the gorgeous rose garden or watch the majestic sunset over the Bavarian hills from the comfort of your room.

Type: Castle
Burg Colmberg Hotel in the Bavarian Landscape

Burg Colmberg Hotel

Burg Colmberg Hotel Exterior

Burg Colmberg Hotel Restaurant Terrace

Burg Colmberg Hotel Restaurant

Burg Colmberg Hotel Library

Burg Colmberg Hotel Chapel

Burg Colmberg Hotel Corridor

Burg Colmberg Hotel Medieval Interior

Burg Colmberg Hotel four-poster bed

Burg Colmberg Hotel Twin Bed

Burg Colmberg Hotel Bedroom

Burg Colmberg Hotel Wooden Ceiling Room

Burg Colmberg Hotel Bathroom with Window

Burg Colmberg Hotel Window View on the Stone Tower

Burg Colmberg Hotel Balcony Panorama

Burg Colmberg Castle Walls

Burg Colmberg Castle Stone Tower

An der, Burgenstraße, 91598 Colmberg, Germany