Stayokay Domburg – Hostel In A 13th-Century Medieval CastleStayokay  

Backpacking can be a tiring business, particularly if you arrive at a hostel with the expectation to have a good rest and a clean shower. Most often than not, this remains to be a dream. Stayokay Domburg is the most substantial contrast yet to be seen for the whole cheap-hostel concept. You are staying in a castle, and you can tell by the name that it's very posh as it's called the Château Westhove. It was built in the 13th-century, and it's got turrets and a moat all around, just as you would expect from a real castle.

A pretty unique setting for a hostel, but the good things don't end here. All the rooms have their shower and toilet. Oh, the luxury! For more privacy, upgrade to your very own private room. Walking on the premises of this royal castle, you will find yourself wearing that single set of nice cloth that won't make you look like you had an overnight bus in India. Worry not, breakfast is also included in the price.

The hostel is only a 5-minute walk from the beach of Zeeland peninsula, which has this exceptional combination of sand dunes with a green forest. You can also rent a bike at the reception and explore all the surrounding areas.

Stayokay Domburg Hostel Westhove Castle With Pond
Westhove Castle
Stayokay Domburg Hostel Medieval Interior
Stayokay Domburg Hostel Lounge
Stayokay Domburg Hostel Restaurant
Stayokay Domburg Hostel High-Class Interior
Stayokay Domburg Hostel Bar
Stayokay Domburg Hostel Bunk Beds
Stayokay Domburg Hostel Shared Room With Garden View
Stayokay Domburg Hostel Private Room
Stayokay Domburg Hostel Castle Garden
Stayokay Domburg Hostel Bike Rental
Sandy Beach Of The Zeeland Peninsula
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