Ballyfin Demesne - Stepping Back In A Luxurious PastBallyfin  

Ranked the number one hotel in the world by Conde Nast Traveler in 2016, the Ballyfin is set in a gorgeous 20-room Georgian home, about an hour and a half north of Dublin. From the stunning four-poster canopy beds and 80-foot library to the richly textured wallpapers and gilded mirrors, guests of Ballyfin are treated like true royalty. With 614 acres of perfectly manicured private gardens to stroll around, and a serene lake fit for boating and fishing, the activities at Ballyfin are endless. Fancy a real treat? How about a butler who rows you out on the lake so you can enjoy a delicious lunch at the Ballyfin picnic house? Sounds good to me!

Ballyfin is unique in many senses, but one of the real draws is the opportunity for guests to truly immerse themselves in Irish traditions. For an additional fee, guests can explore the Ballyfin costume room, dress up in period attire (think: puffy silk dresses and frilly hats), and enjoy a lovely meal with all the dressings! For those who favor a drink over a dress, take a trip to Ballyfin’s stocked cellar and enjoy a wine and whiskey tasting. Ballyfin offers a guided tour of the house for history buffs where guests can learn of the history of the families that lived at Ballyfin, the restoration period, and learn more about the art and antiques that adorn each space. An indoor pool, sauna, and fitness room round out the Ballyfin so that guests have everything they need during their stay.

For those looking to go all out and opt for a truly luxurious stay at Ballyfin, rumor has it that the most desirable room at Ballyfin is the Lady Caroline Coote Room. With its lake view and beautiful wallpaper designed to look like silk curtains, this room is perfect for anyone looking for an extra lavish stay. "Looking for a more unusual experience? Check out the Sir Charles Coote Room. Guests can only access the room through a secret entrance beneath the main staircase! Inside, you'll even find a bath made out of a Roman sarcophagus (yes, a stone coffin)!"

Type: Heritage   Luxury
Ballyfin Hotel Estate
Ballyfin Hotel Entrance Statue
Ballyfin Hotel Lobby
Ballyfin Hotel Sitting Room
Ballyfin Hotel Lounge
Ballyfin Hotel Restaurant
Ballyfin Hotel Staircase
Ballyfin Hotel Chandelier
Ballyfin Hotel Dome

The Lady Caroline Coote Suite

Ballyfin Hotel The Lady Caroline Coote Suite

The Sir Charles Coote

Ballyfin Hotel The Sir Charles Coote

Duke of Wellington Suite Bathroom

Ballyfin The Duke of Wellington Suite Bathroom

The Trellis Room

Ballyfin The Trellis Room
Ballyfin Hotel Indoor Pool
Ballyfin Hotel Conservatory
Ballyfin Hotel Garden
Ballyfin Hotel Lake
Cappanrush, Ballyfin, Co. Laois, Ireland