Bertol Hut - Traversing Glaciers In SwitzerlandBertol  

Run by the Neuchâtel Swiss Alpine Club and located 3311 meters above sea level the Bertol Hut clings to a rocky outcrop in the higher reaches of the Swiss Alps. It was build in Geneva and reassembled on the mountain between 1896 and 1898. In 1976 it was rebuilt completely and it has been expanded and refurbished a number of times since then.

The hut has been run by a series of caretakers with Jean Geores and his nephew, Jean Favre overseeing things for 75 years between them – most of the twentieth century. Because of this, a family atmosphere pervades the place as ruddy climbers swap stories in the pie and soup-style restaurant or over evening beers as the sun sets on the gleaming glaciers. Bertol Hut hosts a number of spring and summer hiking races that attract competitors from around the world making this a choice destination for the Alpine enthusiast.

Cabane de Bertol

Bertol Hut

Ice pick holder


Stairs down

Bertol Hut dining room

Looking out from the window of Bertol Hut

Bertol Hut panorama

Photo by Andrew Last

View from Bertol Hut

Photo by Andrew Last

Alpine views

Photo by Andrew Last

1986 Evolène, Switzerland ‎