Brocket Hall Melbourne Lodge - Exclusive Manor For Golf-LoversBrocket  

Brocket Hall is a beautiful exclusive use manor house in England that offers a wide variety of amenities and sporting activities for the active traveler. Set within 543 acres of beautiful Hertfordshire countryside with two 18-hole golf courses and traditional butler service, Brocket Hall provides a unique and luxurious stay.

The house is decorated entirely with unique period furniture in each of its 30 guest suites. The old stable block was converted into what is now known as Melbourne Lodge which houses 16 bedrooms and are all furnished in traditional English country house style. Each of the suites is not assigned a number as is standard with hotels, instead, the rooms are named after a notable person who lived at Brocket Hall or was closely associated with the house at some point in its history.

Unlike most hotels that focus on relaxation and accommodations, Brocket Hall is known for its wide selection of sporting and outdoor activities. This makes it the ideal location for team-building retreats or for personal retreats. They offer activities that range from Argocat to rally karts to shooting.

1) Argocat
2) Rally karts, hovercraft, push-pull driving, and RC hobby Cars
3) Laser clay, clay pigeon, pistol, and rifle shooting
4) Archery scrabble and crossbow or longbow archery
5) Falconry and sheepdog handling
6) Blind driving
7) Human table football
8) Playing golf

Brocket Hall
Misty photo of Brocket Hall
Watershyppes Restaurant
Watershyppes Bar
Brocket Hall lounge, traditional luxury
Brocket Hall snooker room

Auberge du Lac Restaurant

Auberge du Lac Michelin Star Restaurant
Auberge du Lac sign
Auberge du Lac Restaurant interior
Auberge du Lac food

Melbourne Lodge

Melbourne Lodge
Melbourne Lodge room
Melbourne Lodge bedroom

The par 72 Melbourne Course

Melbourne golf course

Paine Bridge

Paine Bridge with Brocket Hall
Paine Bridge
Welwyn, Hertfordshire AL8 7XG, United Kingdom