Dad Hotel - Yazdi Palace in Iran's Ancient Desert TownDad Hotel  

The newly renovated Dad Hotel has been welcoming travelers and tourists since 2006. It is one of the prettiest hotels in Yazd and has a fascinating history.

Originally constructed in 1927 by Haj Abdul Khaliq Dad, this building was used by his goods transportation company to store freight and accommodate drivers until 1993.

The building's reconstruction began in the late 90s when the children of Haj Abdul Khaliq Dad transformed it into a charming guest house to welcome travelers in the 3,000-year-old Yazd City.

Location: Yazd  Iran  Middle East

Today, Dad Hotel is known as one of the most beautiful traditionally built hotels in the sand-colored desert town of Yazd in central Iran.

Dad Hotel Past Present

The unique architecture of Dad Hotel showcases the Iranian-Yazdi style, using traditional materials such as brick and straw, along with arches and ceiling skylights.

Dad Hotel Desert Palace

Stepping into the hotel grounds, you'll be greeted by Gudal Bagcheh, a stunning architectural feature commonly found in desert cities like Yazd.

Iranian-Yazdi-Style Architecture

Dad Hotel offers a wide range of amenities, including conference and celebration halls, two restaurants, an outdoor cafe, a craft store, a swimming pool, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and massage services.

Dad Hotel At Night

This hotel has taken significant steps to protect the environment. For instance, they have installed solar panels on the roof, producing 40,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year and reducing annual carbon dioxide gas consumption by 25 tons.

Rooftop Solar Panels on top of Dad Hotel

Additionally, the hotel uses the garden pit method to cool the building naturally during the hot summer days.

Dad Hotel Corridor Courtyard View

The hotel features 88 spacious, bright rooms and suites with one to four beds on three floors.

Dad Hotel Room

All the rooms of Dad Yazd Hotel have windows facing the courtyard and are decorated with Persian carpets and hand-embroidered bedspreads.

Dad Hotel Breakfast Plate

Dad Hotel Courtyard

Dad Hotel is situated in the center of Yazd's historical city. It is close to attractions such as the Yazd Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Amirchakhmaq Square, Jame Mosque, Water Museum, Iskander Prison, and Fahadan Historical Quarter.

Dad Hotel Courtyard Umbrellas

Yazd Province, Yazd، No.214، Dahom Farvardin, Iran