Prince of Wales Hotel - The Canadian Hotel That Nearly Hosted A RoyaltyPrince of Wales  

Rightfully, the first question to pop up in your mind would be about the connection between this historic Canadian hotel and the Prince of Wales. Bear with me because this story is both embarrassing and hilarious at the same time.

Prince of Wales Hotel was built in 1927 in Waterton, Canada, within Waterton Lakes National Park. It was during the 13-year-long alcohol prohibition time in the US when tourists were flocking to the neighboring country to enjoy a drink or two.

Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park Old Photo

So, naturally, the new hotel wanted to attract American visitors, but they had an even bigger fish to fry. In 1927, the same year the hotel opened its doors, the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII) planned his Canadian tour.

The Secluded Prince of Wales Hotel In Canada

The 121-feet-tall (37 meters) rustic-style palace with an attractive design and carrying the target person's name seemed like an irresistible offer.

But eventually, his royalty decided to stay on his own ranch on a nearby property. What a bummer!

Prince of Wales Hotel Surrounded By Pristine Nature

You shouldn't feel bad about the hotel, though, because the marketing worked, and it became one of Alberta's most popular places to stay for the night. Plus, in 1992, the building made it to the prestigious list of the National Historic Sites of Canada.

The Prince of Wales Hotel was built by an American company, Great Northern Railway, and it's one of Canada's grand railway hotels.

These are the heritage hotels of the country, which were built by railway companies to promote the ever-expanding network and traveling by train.

Prince of Wales Hotel Building & Sign

The building's appearance is a royal statement, and it does the very opposite of trying to blend in with its environment. Instead, the seven-floor building with a tower peaking through its structure has a bright green-colored roof you can spot from afar.

Interestingly, the building's facade includes traditional Swiss chalet architectural elements. It's all thanks to one of the designers, Louis W. Hill, who had a memorable trip to Europe and was influenced by the unique Alpine architecture.

Prince of Wales Hotel Reception & Lounge

The hotel's rustic appearance is thanks to all the wood used for its structure, cladding, and internal detailing.

The wood pillars are made of Douglas fir, and the lobby is timber-framed with beautiful hand-carved posts and beams.

Prince of Wales Hotel's timber-framed lobby features hand-carved posts and beams.

The lobby's castle-style chandelier is so impressive it could star in a Game of Thrones episode.

Prince of Wales Hotel Windsor Lounge

Windsor Lounge & Afternoon Tea

The dining hall's grand windows overlook the Upper Lake Waterton, and it's the most beautiful space in the hotel to idle away time.

Prince of Wales Hotel Windsor Lounge Antic Chandelier And Incredible Panorama

The hotel runs guided history tours each day around 7 PM so you can learn about the building and its surroundings during your stay.

Prince of Wales Hotel Windsor Lounge Dining With Mesmerizing Views

Prince of Wales Hotel Windsor Lounge Afternoon Tea & Snacks

Prince of Wales Hotel Royal Stewart Dining Room

Royal Stewart Dining Room

Prince of Wales Hotel Bar

Prince of Wales Hotel Bar Leather Seating And Vintage Furniture

Prince of Wales Hotel Lakeside Standard Room

Lakeside Standard Room

Prince of Wales Hotel Twin Room With Lake View

Prince of Wales Hotel Lakeside King Room

Lakeside King Room

Prince of Wales Hotel At The Upper Waterton Lake

Waterton Lake National Park, Waterton Park, T0K 2M0 Waterton Park, Canada