Greenbrier Hotel -  The White House-Style Resort With A SecretThe Greenbrier  

The Greenbrier is located in the picturesque forest of the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia and spreads on 11,000 acres of land.

Its history goes back to 1778, but it was in 1913 when the Greenbrier took its final shape.

In the 18th century, the main attraction was the sulphur water spring, which is supposed to relieve chronic rheumatism, among many others. A spring house with a green dome stood next to the spring as Greenbrier's symbol.

In the mid-19th century, a huge building was erected and became the Grand Central Hotel, and it had the nickname "The White".

Greenbrier Hotel

The resort's bath wing was opened in 1911 and is still one of Greenbrier's most impressive parts.

Greenbrier Hotel White Sulphur Springs Green Dome

In 2009, the Justice family - who run extensive farm and mining businesses - from West Virginia purchased the famed hotel after decades of mismanagement of the beautiful property.

Greenbrier Hotel Lobby

Today, the five-star resort has 710 guest rooms, 20 restaurants, and lounges and offers more activities than you can count.

Greenbrier Hotel Grand Hall

If success is measured by the number of U.S. presidents visiting a hotel, Greenbrier is at the top of the game with 26.

Greenbrier Hotel Main Dining Room

Named after Dorothy Draper, this restaurant is as anti-minimalist as she was. The interior designer would use bright, cheerful colors and would not shy away from mixing seemingly non-compatible furniture and shapes.

Greenbrier Hotel Draper's Restaurant

Café Carleton is an adult hideaway where you can sip premium wine and other alcoholic liquids in a luxurious environment dedicated to Carleton Varney, the interior decorator of the Greenbrier resort.

Greenbrier Hotel Café Carleton
Greenbrier Hotel Royal Staircase

The historic rooms have classic Dorothy Draper wallpapers and four post beds.

Greenbrier Hotel Bedroom Four Post Bed

The Greenbrier Bunker

Greenbrier Hotel was one of four safe luxury hotels used by the U.S. government between 1941 and 1942 to house enemy diplomats and their families, to be exchanged for American diplomats held hostage by the Axis alliance.

From September 1942, the hotel was an Army military hospital named Ashford General Hospital, with 2025 beds.

It was also West Virginia's only prisoner-of-war camp, with 680 prisoners working at the hospital.

Historic photo of the door to the Greenbrier bunker

During the Cold War, the government built a colossal bomb shelter under a new wing of the hotel to house the entire Congress in the event of a nuclear attack.

The rock-solid structure was built to protect people of high importance in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust.

The classified bunker was running under the codename "Project Greek Island".

Greenbrier Hotel Bunker Door

Even though the government never officially acknowledged the existence of this hiding place, they decommissioned it in 1992.

The bunker was fully stocked with food and supplies for over 30 years, and after it was out of service,

Greenbrier Hotel Bunker Camouflage Walls

The bunker today is renovated and open to all visitors. The tour takes about 90 minutes and costs $40 per person.

However, the bunker is still a secretive place today, and you are not allowed to take any cameras or cell phones that could capture a photo.

Greenbrier Hotel Bunker Control Room

Gambling at the Greenbrier

After the year of 2008, when people from the county voted to legalize gambling under certain circumstances, a casino-style facility opened in the hotel.

Greenbrier Hotel Casino Fountain

The Casino Club at The Greenbrier only allows guests to gamble, including visitors to its restaurant and bunker tour.

Greenbrier Hotel Casino Club Gambling

Greenbrier's Spa grew into an award-winning West Virginia beauty and relaxation center from the humble beginnings of a simple facility around a sulfur water spring.

Greenbrier Resort Spa

The richly decorated 98 feet (30 meters) pool was designed in the 1940s by Dorothy Draper and is next to the mineral spa.

Greenbrier Hotel Spa Pool
Greenbrier Hotel Hallway Stores
Greenbrier Hotel Outdoor Pool
Greenbrier Hotel Garden
Greenbrier Resort Fishing
Greenbrier Resort Off-Road Driving Adventure
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