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Heartwarming ranch in Arizona is ready to give you an experience of a lifetime. White Stallion is a classic dude ranch (a type of ranch that welcomes guests) with an authentic Wild West atmosphere and amazing attention to detail. It's a museum of Western history and a filming location for many movies and TV shows that have been shot here since the 1940s. If you grew up watching cowboys on TV, this ranch must look very familiar to you.

The ranch has 43 rooms with classic Western-style interiors. The White Stallion's bar looks straight out of a movie with saddle bar stools and a plentiful selection of drinks for some joyful evenings. The game room is equipped with shuffleboard, foosball, air hockey, and billiard table. Sporty people will be glad to hear that there are volleyball, basketball, badminton and tennis courts outdoors. And if you had a long day out riding horses, the redwood hot tub will become your best friend.

Today, the third generation of the True family is in charge of making you feel welcome and experience wild adventures. How about horseback riding among the giant cacti in the Sonoran Desert? Outdoor shooting range with Wild West guns for the bad boys (and girls!) and archery are also on the menu. Are you planning to go for a ride? White Stallion offers e-bikes as an efficient way to discover spectacular Western landscapes.

White Stallion Ranch is located on the land of giant cacti. The Saguaro National Park is home to 25 different cactus species, including saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea), a tree-like cactus that takes over 100-years to grow and can reach 12 meters (40 feet). In case you plan to wander far into the deserts of this amazing region, note that the roots of these exceptional cacti contain life-saving water.

This is the lengthy list of films that were shot at White Stallion Ranch:

1939 - Arizona – William Holden and Jean Arthur
1948 - Relentless – Robert Young
1948 - The Last Round Up – Gene Autry
1949 - The Gal Who Took the West – Yvonne DeCarlo
1950 - Winchester 73 – Jimmy Stewart
1951 - Apache Drums – Stephen McNally and Coleen Gray
1951 - The Last Outpost (cavalry charge scene) Ronald Reagan
1955 - A Kiss before Dying – Robert Wagner and Joann Woodward
1955 - Apache Ambush – Bill Williams
1956 - Backlash – Richard Widmark and Donna Reed
1956 - The Bottom of the Bottle – Joseph Cotton and Van Johnson
1956 - The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold – Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels
1968 - The Mini-Skirt Mob – Jeremy Slate, Diane McBain
1969 - Young Billy Young – Robert Mitchum, Angie Dickerson and Robert Walker Jr.
1969 - What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice – Geraldine Page and Ruth Gordon
1971 - Five Savage Men – Henry Silva and Michelle Carey
1977 - How the West Was Won – James Arness TV Mini Series
1977 - Perdita Durango – Rosie Perez, European film
1978 - The New Maverick – James Garner TV movie
1980 - Wild, Wild West Once More – Robert Conrad and Jonathan Winters
1984 - Flashpoint -Kris Kristofferson
1988 - Stones for Ibarra – Glenn Close and Keith Carradine TV movie
1993 - Geronimo – director Robert Young, writer J.T. Allen
2002 - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – George Clooney and Sam Rockwell
2006 - The Last Blast – Heinz Hoenig
2014 - Hot Bath and A Stiff Drink and A Close Shave – Jeffrey Patterson, Frankie Nunez and Alison Eastwood

Type: Desert   Movie   Nature   Traditional
Location: Marana  USA  North America
White Stallion Ranch Gate
White Stallion Ranch Wild West-Style Bar
White Stallion Ranch Dining Room
White Stallion Ranch Lobby
White Stallion Ranch Chess Game
White Stallion Ranch Billiard Table In The Game Room
White Stallion Ranch Interior
White Stallion Ranch Deluxe Twin King Room
White Stallion Ranch Deluxe Twin Queen Room
White Stallion Ranch Patio
White Stallion Ranch Patio Dining At Night
White Stallion Ranch Patio With Cactuses
White Stallion Ranch Swimming Pool
White Stallion Ranch Communal Outdoor Dining
White Stallion Ranch Firepit
White Stallion Ranch Basketball Court
White Stallion Ranch Tennis Court
White Stallion Ranch Shooting Range Wild West-Style
White Stallion Ranch Archery
White Stallion Ranch Hayride
Sonoran Desert Rock Climbing
Sonoran Desert E-Biking
Sonoran Desert Horseback Riding
Sonoran Desert Horse Riding
Sonoran Desert Horseback Riding Among Cacti
9251 West Twin Peaks Road, Marana, AZ 85743, United States