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Casa Da Cisterna - Medieval And BeautifulCasa  
da Cisterna

This fortified village on the Spanish/Portugal border has seen its fair share of action over the last millennium. Conquered and occupied by everyone from the Romans to the Moors the castle lies in ruins. The old village remains in good condition and is an amazing place to visit. When you go there you will want to stay in the Casa da Cisterna, an independent hotel run by a husband and wife team.

Their Coruja room has a suspended bed and a starry-sky effect on the ceiling. Or you could choose the Noitibó suite with a fireplace and mezzanine loft. You will eat your meals in a family dining room rather than a restaurant making for a more informal experience. There is also plenty of room for socializing or watching DVDs in the evening.

The swimming pool is made from the old village cistern, just like most things in the hotel the history is reclaimed and preserved in its modern functionality. Spend your days exploring the countryside or popping over to Spain for some tasty tapas.

Casa da Cisterna garden
Casa da Cisterna
Casa da Cisterna dining room stairs
Casa da Cisterna dining room
Casa da Cisterna living room
Casa da Cisterna living space
Casa da Cisterna room at the garden
Casa da Cisterna suite
Levitating bed
Casa da Cisterna pool
Donkey ride

Picnic at Faia Brava

Picnic at Faia Brava

Côa Valley Engravings

Côa Valley engravings

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