Le Château D'orfeuillette - Charming Modern Art ChateauChâteau  

Located in Gevaudan - an area of France with a long history going back to Roman times - Château d'Orfeuillette is traditional châteaux. Renovated in 2010, you will find the interior contemporary and charming.

Like any of the furniture? Well, you can buy it. Yes, it's all for sale here, but not in a desperate-house-sale kind of way, more in a sophisticated we-have-specially-commissioned-this-chair kind of way. Fine artists decorate your unique room, and your bed has luxurious satin sheets. So why not relax in your Jacuzzi or in front of your home cinema.

The spa is known as the "bubble barn," and you will find an ultra-luxurious modern spa with a heated indoor swimming pool, a fitness room, and personalized health and beauty packages there. The restaurant is everything you could want, from a modern French restaurant with organic, local produce featuring typical dishes from the local area with excellent vintage wine to accompany.


The 19th-century residence impresses with its historical and contemporary character.

Château d'Orfeuillette

Between lakes and high plateaus, this marvelous palace is surrounded by nature. A 12-hectare park is planted with hundred-year-old sequoias.

Château d'Orfeuillette garden

Château d'Orfeuillette lobby

The state-of-the-art billiard table is an upscale bar experience.

Château d'Orfeuillette billiard

Château d'Orfeuillette lounge

Château d'Orfeuillette dining

Château d'Orfeuillette vintage wines

Château d'Orfeuillette pink room

Château d'Orfeuillette pink bathroom

Round bed

Château d'Orfeuillette bathroom

Château d'Orfeuillette bedroom

Château d'Orfeuillette mirror

Château d'Orfeuillette design room

Each room offers a different atmosphere and equipment: from the standard to the jacuzzi suite.

Château d'Orfeuillette design bathroom

The gorgeous outdoor pool is heated

Château d'Orfeuillette swimming pool

Lieu-dit La Garde, 48200 Albaret-Sainte-Marie, France