Villa Crespi - Middle-Eastern Flavor In Italy On The Shores Of Lake OrtaVilla Crespi  

Neo-Moorish is an exotic architectural style that reached its peak popularity in the mid-19th century. It took elements and inspiration from Islamic art.

There are only a handful of examples of such buildings in Europe. One of them is Villa Crespi, which lies near Lake Orta's shores in the scenic Italian town of Orta San Giulio.

Cristoforo Benigno Crespi, a successful entrepreneur in the cotton industry, was commissioned to build this unique tower in 1879. His business trips to Baghdad motivated him to construct something unusual for the region.

Villa Crespi Neo-Moorish Tower

As a result, Villa Crespi became a landmark with its striking minaret-like tower and rich decoration.

Villa Crespi Moorish Architecture

The dream-like villa is contemplated by a similarly magical garden that extends until the lake.

Villa Crespi Hotel Courtyard At Night

Since its detailed renovation in 1999, Cinzia and Antonino Cannavacciuolo have managed the Relais et Châteaux Villa Crespi and its two-star Michelin restaurant.

Villa Crespi

Villa Crespi Richly Decorated Ceiling

The Middle Eastern theme is reflected in the interior.

Villa Crespi Islamic Art Details

Elegant Arabesque features, along with vintage furniture from the 19th century, are an integral part of the design of the 14 rooms and suites.

Villa Crespi Restaurant With 2 Michelin Stars

Chef Cannavacciuolo cooks extraordinary Mediterranean cuisine in the on-site restaurant. It's one of the 37 with two Michelin stars in the country.

Villa Crespi Restaurant Terrace

The wine cellar is packed with the best classic and contemporary choices. You'll be able to choose from 1,800 different wines.

Villa Crespi Junior Suite

Villa Crespi Amira Suite

Villa Crespi Amira Suite Four Post Bed

Villa Crespi Great Window Overlooking The Garden And The Lake

Villa Crespi Garden Path Leading To Lake Orta

Villa Crespi And Lake Orta Panorama

The medieval town of Orta San Giulio is within a 10-minute scenic walk.

Lake Orta Island Village

It's considered one of the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy, thanks to its unique architecture and the beauty of Lake Orta and the surrounding Alps.

Via Fava, 18, 28016 Orta San Giulio, Italy