Clear Sky Resorts - Sky Dome Glamping At The Grand CanyonClear Sky  

Clear Sky Resorts is located in Williams, Arizona, 28 miles from the Grand Canyon National Park's South Rim entrance.

It offers unique accommodations in giant bubble tents called Sky Domes.

A scenic rocky road leads to the high desert destination where Clear Sky's bubble tents are spread around. It's a unique sight you would expect to see on a colonized planet.

The silhouette of the sweeping mountain ranges completes the picturesque setting.

As you have already guessed by the Hello Kitty and Pac-Man rooms, the resort is kids friendly. The large outdoor playground has a unique trampoline pillow.

The resort has a light up frisbee golf. If you are scratching your head, thinking, what on earth is that? You are not alone. It's a game called disc golf played with LED lights lit frisbees that you throw into designated baskets (9 or 18 holes). So it's like golf, but with illuminated flying discs.

Type: Nature   Tent
Location: Williams  USA  North America
Clear Sky Resorts Aerial

The resort jumps on the glamping bandwagon, the type of camping where you don't have to get out of your comfort zone - except if you want, as action-packed adventures are just around the corner.

Clear Sky Resorts Domes

You'll find similar domes in remote locations in Finland, Switzerland, Colombia, United Kingdoms, Chile, and even in Poland, but it's a new concept in the US.

Clear Sky Resorts Domes Aerial

The domes can accommodate two, five, or up to seven people.

Clear Sky Resorts Welcome Dome

The resort's Welcome Dome is where you can check in and relax in the oversized sofas or one of the cocoon swing chairs hanging from the 26-foot-tall ceiling.

Clear Sky Resorts Sky Dome Exterior

Even though the domes look similar from the outside as in other countries, Clear Sky Resorts has something else to brag about.

Clear Sky Resorts Pac-Man Dome

Each dome has a unique theme, ranging from funky Pac-Man to a galaxy design.

Clear Sky Resorts Grand Canyon Theme Room

Grand Canyon-themed dome

Clear Sky Resorts Dome Bathroom

So what makes the domes so comfy? First of all, there is an ensuite bathroom. So unlike when you do traditional camping, you don't have to search for a bathroom in the middle of the night.

Clear Sky Resorts Sky Bed

Then there is heating, air conditioning, and even a seethrough skylight ceiling. So you can watch the crystal clear night sky from the comfort of your bed if there are no clouds.

Clear Sky Resorts Secret Agent Dome

Secret Agent-themed dome

Clear Sky Resorts Hello Kittie Room

Hello Kittie (aka Pink) dome

Clear Sky Resorts Space Room

Space dome

Clear Sky Resorts Dome At Night

Clear Sky Resorts Night Sky With Galaxies

The resort's name is very fitting, as in this part of the country, light pollution is minimal. At night, you will be rewarded with the magical sights of our universe.

Clear Sky Resorts Fire Pit

Evenings at the resort are fun. There is a fire pit where you can prepare s'mores (toasted marshmallows and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker).

Clear Sky Resorts Falcon Show

629 Highgrove Road, Valle, AZ 86046, United States