Trekker Glamping - Panoramic Domes In Minca, ColombiaTrekker  

Minca should be on your shortlist if you plan a trip across Colombia. It lies south of Santa Marta, perched 2133 ft (650m) high up in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It has a much cooler temperature than the coastal town below, making it a popular getaway for locals and travelers alike. This former conflict-ridden region is now a peaceful place for birdwatching and drinking the highest quality organic Colombian coffee. Would you like to wake up to the sound of singing birds and howler monkeys? Then this is your place.

Trekker Glamping has two variants of geodesic domes to pick from. The Deluxe Suite comes with a king-size bed and a double bed on the mezzanine to chill during the day. What's more, it has a private balcony with a catamaran trampoline. Yes, it's the square netted platform you are thinking about where you can lay down with a book, relish the spectacular panoramic views, and listen to the noises of the wildlife. The Family Suite has a similar layout, but additionally, it has a bunk bed and a chill corner to play board games on cozy rainy evenings.

The main dome with its triangle grid ceiling is where you can socialize and eat. The on-site restaurant serves Peruvian, Mexican, and international favorites, like ceviche, empanadas, or burgers. Moreover, they have a long list of cocktails and liquors, including the local hit, aguardiente.

Below the restaurant, there is a viewing platform with two catamaran trampolines next to each side of a jacuzzi. It's the most photogenic spot of the resort, especially during sunsets. If the weather permits, you can see until the city of Santa Marta and the Caribbean Sea. Outside the resort, there are routes to the wilderness. The pristine nature of Sierra Nevada invites people with all kinds of interests; hikers, ornithologists, mountaineers, mountain bikers, and yogis for an exploration.

The resort supports ecological development, and it's thriving to preserve the unique environment of Minca. If you care about fair trade, you will be happy to know that they give back to the local community and participate in voluntary works.

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Trekker Glamping Resort In The Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta Mountain Range
Trekker Glamping Minca
Trekker Glamping Resort Domes At Night
Trekker Glamping Minca Starry Night Sky
Trekker Glamping Geodesic Dome Accommodation
Trekker Glamping Dome Entrance

Deluxe Suite

Trekker Glamping Deluxe Suite Interior
Trekker Glamping Dome Mezzanine View

Family Suite

Trekker Glamping Family Suite
Trekker Glamping Family Suite Interior
Trekker Glamping Dome Balcony Sunset
Enjoying The Sunset In Minca At Trekker Glamping

Catamaran trampoline

Trekker Glamping Catamaran Trampoline With Sunset
Trekker Glamping Dome Balcony
Trekker Glamping Main Dome
Trekker Glamping Restaurant
Trekker Glamping Benches
Trekker Glamping Pool
Trekker Glamping Dome And Pool
Trekker Glamping Jacuzzi
Trekker Glamping Jacuzzi And Catamaran Trampoline
Girl Sitting At The Pool Overlooking The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range In Minca
Km 1.8 via Minca - Mundo nuevo Minca Antigua via a Bonda, 470008 Minca, Colombia