Cuevas Helena - Cave-Carved Holiday Home In Andalusia, SpainCuevas  

Deep in the beautiful Andalusian countryside, in the village called Benamaurel, there’s a rather unexpected hotel. The bird’s eye view reveals doors that seem to emerge straight out of the plant-covered hillside. Impossible? Not at all! Cuevas Helena is a holiday home ran by a Scottish couple with all rooms carved into caves.

If you imagine cave living as primitive, then get ready to have your mind blown. The caves at Cuevas Helena are bright and spacious and feature all the modern conveniences you might want on your vacation. There are three double rooms here, a fully equipped kitchen, and a dining area with a large kitchen table perfect for a family gathering. Thanks to the unique design, the caves stay cool in summer, but they’re nice and cozy in winter (especially if you use the log burner).

With an outdoor pool and hot tub right outside your door, you might be tempted to stay in your secluded cave home forever, but there is plenty to do in the area. The nearby Benamaurel is a beautiful little village with many cave houses not unlike your own and a great market with local handicrafts. For nature lovers, there are three national parks around Cuevas Helena with great hiking and cycling opportunities. And finally, make sure not to miss the surreal turquoise Negratin lake!

Type: Cave
Cuevas Helena Hotel Cave Green Roof

Cuevas Helena Interior

Cuevas Helena Dining Room

Cuevas Helena Lounge

Cuevas Helena Master Bedroom

Cuevas Helena Terrace

Cuevas Helena Garden With Bike

Cuevas Helena Garden

Cuevas Helena Hot Tub With Andalusian Panorama

Cuevas Helena Girls In The Pool

Cuevas Helena Pool Panorama

Off-Road Trip

Lake Negratin From Above

Lake Negratin

Barrio Cuevas de luna, 106, 18817 Benamaurel, Spain