Kokopelli's Cave - A hotel in New Mexico's 60 million-year-old sandstone cliffKokopelli's  

An incredible feat of engineering, this luxury cave dwelling is located 70 feet (6.5 meters) below the top of the cliff.

It is accessible via a carved stairway that takes you down the side of the 65 million-year-old rock formation.

It was blasted out in the 1980s to serve as a dwelling for a geologist, and it currently covers over 1,700 square feet (158 square meters) of luxury cave living.

Type: Cave
La Plata River Valley

Air holes, chimneys, and electricity supplies were drilled from the surface as the builders turned the cave into a truly unique dwelling.

Kokopelli's Cave Hotel entrance

Kokopelli's Cave is furnished in the southwestern style and has a bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

Kokopelli's Cave Hotel fire pit

All year round, the temperature inside the cave hotel stays between 65 to 68 Fahrenheit (18-20 Celsius degrees), so it's never too cold or too hot.

Kokopelli's Cave Hotel kitchen

Kokopelli's Cave Hotel TV

Kokopelli's Cave Hotel Living Room

Kokopelli's Cave Hotel Bedroom Entrance

Kokopelli's Cave Room

Kokopelli's Cave Hotel Bed

There is an incredible rock shower and hot tub.

Kokopelli's Cave Hotel Stone Carved Bathroom

Kokopelli's Cave Hotel Room Exit

In the evening, wild curl-tail cats come to the entrance for feeding.

Kokopelli's Cave Hotel Clifftop Terrace

It is a true getaway - from your isolated vantage point, 280 feet (26 meters) above the La Plata River, you can admire the views of the famous ‘four corners’ with breathless eyes.

Kokopelli's Cave Hotel Clifftop Dining

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