Mira Mira Fantasy Accommodation - Fairytale Cave HotelMira Mira  

Situated on 22 acres of lush bushland, Mira Mira allows guests to experience the beauty of the Gippsland Region in a fantasy retreat. Set only 90 minutes outside of Melbourne, this bed and breakfast offer you something both daring and different.

Mira Mira has three separate lodgings to choose from, using the natural landscape and innovative design that lets you become a part of the fantasy. As you pass through the mouth of Magog and descend the steps into the Cave House, you feel as if you are entering the pages of a storybook. The two-bedroom guestroom is carved from the countryside and uses colored lights and water to highlight the natural stone. The Cave House remains cool in the summertime and warm during the winter, providing sweeping views of the range from the picture windows set in the hillside.

The Cave House truly feels as if you are living underground, providing the ultimate weekend getaway. In the districts just beyond Mira Mira, there are plenty of excursions for the more adventurous travelers. You can experience the bush firsthand through nature walks, 4-wheel-drive excursions, fishing, and skiing. No matter what is on your itinerary, the Cave House is the perfect place for relaxation and romance with a touch of the whimsical.

Type: Cave   Fairytale   Nature
Location: Crossover  Australia  Oceania
Tanglewood fantasy house exterior
Tanglewood lounge
Mira Mira cave stairs
Mira Mira cave lounge
Mira Mira cave kitchen
Mira Mira cave room
Mira Mira cave master bedroom
Tanglewood stairs
Tanglewood kitchen
Tanglewood treebed
Tanglewood bathroom
Japanese Zen Retreat
Japanese Zen Retreat bedroom
Japanese Zen Retreat lounge
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Japanese Zen Retreat terrace on the lake
1395 Bloomfield Rd, Crossover VIC 3821, Australia