Accommodation types: Eco-Friendly   Nature   Remote
Location: Gorafe  Spain  West Europe
District Hive - Futuristic Off-Grid Pod In The Gorafe DesertDistrict Hive  

The ever-changing hotel scene innovates at an unprecedented pace. Its latest novelty is the autonomous podtel. District Hive is a state-of-the-art luxurious capsule that's the first of the many Podtel Colony hotels to be built worldwide. The module was developed by the Spanish firm Districthive, and its bold aim is to revolutionize the way we think about hotels. Moreover, it's part of an eco-movement to respect nature and leave no trace while making previously unhabitable and remote locations accessible. District Hive is placed in one of these places at a stunningly wild spot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the region of Andalucia.

The intelligent pod can survive in the harshest environments, completely off-grid as long as there is sun every four days. That's how long the batteries will store the sun's energy and run the vital functions of the pod; create its own water and filter it, produce electricity, maintain a perfect temperature and run its wastewater management. Yes, indeed, apart from making pizza, this human recharging sanctuary – as the concept creators like to call it – will take care of everything except for food. But fear not, you can order local specialties to your hideout from artisan brands in ready-to-eat boxes.

The 100% self-sufficient pod does everything with a click of a digital button on your phone, from opening doors to lighting, temperature, sound, TV, concierge, and even the indoor aroma. Power management gets its help from artificial intelligence, of course. The contemporary interior design is probably inspired by villains' hideouts resulting in an impressive space for digital nomads and nature lovers. The attention to detail is remarkable wherever you look in the smart and compact – 35m2 / 377 square feet - pod. Outside, you'll find stargazing decks on hammocks to experience the full spectrum of the Gorafe desert.

District Hive In The Gorafe Desert Of Granada
District Hive Off-Grid Pod And The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range
District Hive 100% Self-Sufficient Capsule Home
District Hive Hotel At Night
District Hive Podtel With Open Windows At Night
District Hive Desert Reflection
District Hive State-Of-The-Art Interior
District Hive Hotel Interior
District Hive Interior Night Lights
District Hive Bathroom Shower
District Hive Living Room
District Hive Living Room Desert Scenery
District Hive Nature View From The Comfy Bed
District Hive Bedroom Corner
District Hive Podtel Large Windows
District Hive Kitchen And Living Space
District Hive Window View, Horses Reflection
The Gorafe Desert Of Granada
Sierra Nevada Mountain Range
18890 Gorafe, Granada, Spain
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