EcoCamp Patagonia - In Harmony With Nature’s RhythmEcoCamp  

Domes are all the rage in eco-tourism these days. Where old-style hotels needed deep foundations, roads, pipes, and cables to be laid down – eco domes are made from special vinyl that is warm, durable, and light. They are built using the “leave no trace” philosophy and the hotel’s designers have taken influence from the Kaweskars – a nomadic people who lived in harmony with the land for over 500 years.

Your 360-degree dome experience lets you enjoy luxury and nature at its most benign. Fall asleep under the starry sky and wake up to coffee heated on your wood-burner or watch the sunrise from your private balcony. In the evening there is a large central dome where there is a fusion restaurant, bar, and wide area for socializing with the other travelers.

During the day you will no doubt be exploring Patagonia with the award-winning EcoCamp team. They specialize in treks and nature walks which can last up to eight days exploring the esoteric crags of the Andes Mountains. The area is home to many species that have evolved in isolation in this amazing garden state.

EcoCamp Patagonia
EcoCamp Patagonia in the Torres del Paine National Park
EcoCamp Patagonia community domes
EcoCamp Patagonia community domes at night
EcoCamp Patagonia community dome
EcoCamp Patagonia community dome interior
EcoCamp Patagonia restaurant
EcoCamp Patagonia community dome living room
EcoCamp Patagonia dome and the Andes mountains

EcoCamp Suites Dome

EcoCamp Suites Dome
EcoCamp Suites Dome interior
Couple enjoying the EcoCamp Suites Dome
EcoCamp Suites Dome window to the mountains
Starry night at the EcoCamp Suites Dome
EcoCamp Standard Domes in the starry night

EcoCamp Standard Domes

EcoCamp Standard Domes
Open door of EcoCamp Standard Dome
EcoCamp Standard Dome double bed room
EcoCamp Standard Dome two single beds
EcoCamp Standard Dome bathroom

EcoCamp Suite Loft

EcoCamp Suite Loft
EcoCamp Suite Loft interior
EcoCamp Suite Loft bed
EcoCamp Suite Loft room

EcoCamp Superior Dome

EcoCamp Superior Dome
EcoCamp Superior Dome interior
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Torres del Paine National Park horse riding
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