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Want to do ride a husky sled across Santa’s snowy homeland? Then you’ll want to check out Engholm’s Husky Lodge in Karasjok in Norway. The project is the brainchild of owner Sven Engholm who has been developing the place since the 1970s. His aim to provide visitors from all over the world the chance to experience the stunning landscape and the intimate travel by dogsled practiced by native peoples for thousands of years.

Engholm hand-decorated all the cabins himself detailing them with sinks and cups carved from wood. Around 50 Alaskan huskies also live at the lodge so you can see how the husky farm continues the ancient traditions of the landscape. Why not try their five-day husky safari trip? You spend three nights out in the wilderness setting up camp, checking the dogs, and admiring the landscape. Arctic clothing and food are all supplied by the lodge and their experienced mushers will be there to guide you through the process and help you manage your team of six dogs.

Type: Animal   Nature
Location: Karasjok  Norway  West Europe
Engholm Husky Design Lodge aerial

Engholm Husky Design Lodge building

Engholm Husky Lodge at night

Engholm Husky sign

Engholm Husky Lodge dining room

Engholm Husky Lodge dining tables

Wooden and leather interior

Engholm Husky Lodge living room

Engholm Husky Lodge design details

Engholm Husky Lodge bunk beds

Engholm Husky Lodge wooden bathroom

Engholm Husky Lodge suite

Engholm Husky Lodge fireplace

Engholm Husky Lodge bathroom

Wooden log from the outside at night

Engholm Husky Lodge and norther lights

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Husky sledding

Beautiful Husky face