Espejo de Luna - Upside-Down Boat HotelEspejo  
de Luna

The main bulk of the hotel resembles an upside-down boat and a complex of tourist lodgings spreading out through this wooded stretch of coastline on the island of Chiloe in Chile. The area is famous for its wildlife and is an excellent place to spot rare Dolphins and Whales. There are also smaller, less inhabited islands to explore which is perfect for adventurers and wildlife lovers.

The lodges are packed with modern luxuries and spaced out in the woods to the extent that privacy is guaranteed. It’s the perfect place to experience a Thereau-esq transcendental sense of nature. The restaurant and bar are regarded as some of the best in Chile and provide an authentic sense of culture and cuisine of the area. Family run, the staff are attentive and the owners are there to provide fireside laughs in this most secluded of tourist destinations.

Type: Boat   Nature   Remote
Location: Queilen  Chile  South America
Espejo de Luna sign
Wooden boat hotel
Espejo de Luna reception entrance
Espejo de Luna inside the boat building
Espejo de Luna great selection of Chilean wine
Espejo de Luna restaurant
View from the top to the restuarant
Communal building
Espejo de Luna communal area
Espejo de Luna view to the sea
Espejo de Luna room
Espejo de Luna room with built in showe
Espejo de Luna wooden living room
Espejo de Luna hotel corridor
Espejo de Luna wooden kitchen
Espejo de Luna hotel room
Espejo de Luna fireplace and small kitchen
Espejo de Luna star observation room
Espejo de Luna wooden room
Espejo de Luna duplex suite
View on the nature and sea
Built wooden paths
Espejo de Luna zig-zag paths in the nature
Wooden stairs to the depths of nature
Ruta Chonchi Camino Queilen Km 35, Queilén, Chile